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Famous Russian actress ridiculed for photoshop

Известную российскую актрису высмеяли за фотошопShe got under the hot hand of their own fans.

Famous Russian actress Evelina Bledans not the first “gets to the nuts” from fans on the photos: too blatant, too ugly, too much photoshop … well, the fans are hard to please, but this time they seem to have had a reason for criticism.

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So, in Integrame actress was supposedly a “spontaneous” photo, which Bledans posing in a swimsuit. “Out of the pool, where he swam with the kids and took a picture. Appears not ready, turns out great. The spontaneity of life is wonderful”, – signed photo of 48-year-old actress.

Meanwhile, fans have launched a dispute in the comments asking what kind of spontaneity, if the actress with full make-up, combed hair and not wet after the pool and looks incredibly beautiful. Or photoshop, or is it a shot from a staged photo shoot, say the fans. Why lie?

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