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Famous Russian actors had a fight on talk show

Известные российские актеры подрались в эфире ток-шоуStas Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilieva fought in the air.

Stas Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilieva had a fight on the Stas Sadalsky pounced on his girlfriend Tatiana Vasilyeva and tried to beat her in the Studio show “Tonight.”

The recent edition of the show, “Tonight” was dedicated to the actress Tatiana Vasilyeva, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. In the Studio, gathered relatives and close friends of the artist. Wasn’t one of them Stas Sadalsky, which, as you know, actress friends for many years.

Tatiana confessed that he had quarreled with his colleague across the stage, as it irritated her by their inconsiderate questions with regards to parenting. In that moment, when Vasilyev said these words, the Studio came himself Stas. He immediately approached a friend and asked her not to discuss him in front of the audience.

Apparently, Tatiana was very unhappy with the appearance of the Stas in the Studio, because immediately after his words she jumped up and struck the actor in the face. Sadalsky it hurt. In response, he Vasilyev grabbed by the neck and threw him on the table, smashing the carafe of water. The daughter of actress Lisa tried to protect his mother from beatings.

At some point, Stas and Tatiana laughed and said that their fight was actually staged. It turned out that the actors were rehearsing a scene from new plays. The audience is just glad that the conflict actually turned out to be fictional. But the daughter Tatyana fled the Studio in tears. Even after the apology to the mother and Sadalsky girl did not want to go back to shooting.

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