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Famous pirates of the Caribbean. Photo

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. ФотоAbout them went bad reputation.

For a long time the Caribbean island has served as a bone of contention for the great Maritime powers, because there lurked untold riches. Where is the wealth there and the robbers. Piracy in the Caribbean flourished and has become a serious problem. In reality, pirates were much more brutal than we imagine.

In 1494 the Pope divided the New world between Spain and Portugal. All the gold of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans of South America got ungrateful Spaniards. Other European Maritime powers is, of course, didn’t like, and conflict was inevitable. The battle over Spanish possessions in the New world (this applies mainly to England and France) and led to the emergence of piracy.

Famous corsairs

In the beginning, piracy is even frowned upon by the authorities and had the name of privateering. A privateer or Corsair is the pirate ship, but with the state flag, designed to capture enemy ships.

Francis Drake

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Being a Corsair, Drake had not only the usual greed and cruelty, but he was also extremely inquisitive, and eager to visit new places, very willingly undertook the execution of orders from Queen Elizabeth, mostly related to the Spanish colonies. In 1572 he was particularly lucky on the isthmus of Panama Drake intercepted “Silver caravan” EN route to Spain, which was carrying 30 tonnes of silver.

One day he is carried away, even made a trip around the world. And one of his campaigns he had completed with unprecedented profits, adding to the Royal Treasury of 500 thousand pounds, more than half exceeded her annual income. The Queen personally came to the ship to the Jack knight title. In addition to the treasure, Jack was brought to Europe, and potato tubers, and in Germany in Offenburg he even erected a monument, on the pedestal which read: “Sir Francis Drake, spread the potato in Europe.”

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Henry Morgan

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Morgan was known throughout the world by the successor of Drake. The Spaniards believed his most terrible enemy to them, he was even worse than Francis Drake. Citing to the walls at the time of the Spanish city of Panama is a whole army of pirates, he cruelly plundered it, taken huge treasures, then turned the city into ashes. Thanks largely to Morgan, Britain was able for some time to take over from Spain control of the Caribbean. King of England Charles II personally consecrated the Morgan knighted and appointed Governor of Jamaica where he spent his last years.

The Golden age of piracy

Starting in 1690 between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean Islands had established active trade, which entails the extraordinary flourishing of piracy. Numerous ships the major European powers, carrying valuable goods to the open sea became tempting prey for pirates proliferated in many. Real pirates, outlaw who engaged in outright plunder all passing ships indiscriminately, at the end of XVII century, they replaced the corsairs. Let’s remember some of these legendary pirates.

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Steed Bonnet

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Steed bonnet was a wealthy man – a successful planter, he worked in municipal police, was married, and suddenly decides to become a robber of the seas. And stid just very tired of the monotony of everyday life with the ever-grumpy wife and a chore. Independently studied seamanship and perfected it, bought desaturase boat called “Revenge” scored a crew of 70 people and went against the wind of change. And soon, his raids became quite successful.

Steed bonnet was also known fact that was not afraid to argue with the most formidable at that time the pirate – Edward Teach, Blackbeard. Teach on his ship with 40 guns, attacked the ship, Steed, easily captured it. But the steed could not come to terms with it and constantly bothered the Points, repeating that real pirates don’t do that. And teach gave him freedom, but only a few pirates and completely disarming his ship.

Bonn then went to North Carolina, where a newly pirated repented before the Governor and offered to be their Corsair. And, having received from the Governor’s consent, licensed and fully equipped ship, immediately went in pursuit of Black beard, but to no avail. In Caroline steed, of course, not back, and continued to pillage. At the end of 1718 he was caught and executed.

Edward Teach

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Indomitable lover of rum and women, this famous pirate is in a constant wide-brimmed hat had the nickname “Blackbeard”. He was wearing a long black beard, plaited into braids that were woven wicks. During the battle, he was set on fire and one of its kind many sailors surrendered without a fight. But, it is possible that the wicks is just fiction. Blackbeard, though, and had awesome view, but a particularly cruel was not, and took the enemy only by intimidation.

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

So, his flagship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” he captured, without firing a shot never – the enemy team surrendered only saw Ticha. All prisoners, teach marooned on an island and left them a boat. Although, according to other sources, Thich was really cruel and his prisoners never alive did not leave. In early 1718 for him among the 40 captured ships, under the command there were about three hundred pirates.

The British are seriously worried about his capture, he was hunted, culminating in the success at the end of the year. In a cruel battle with Lieutenant Robert Maynard, Thich, being wounded more than 20 shots, fought to the last, killing many Englishmen. And died from a blow with a sword – when he was beheaded.

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Charles Vane

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

The Briton, one of the most cruel and heartless of pirates. Without feeling the slightest compassion for its victims, he also did not reckon with their team members, constantly deceived them, trying to usurp as much profit. Therefore, on his death dreamed of all – the government and the pirates. During the next revolt, the pirates shifted him to the captain’s office and dropped off from the ship to the boat, which the waves during a storm washed up on a desert island. Some time later a passing ship picked him up, but he was a man who identified him. The fate of the vane was resolved, he was hanged at the entrance of the port.

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Jack Rackham

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

He was nicknamed “calico Jack” because he loved to wear baggy pants from bright printed cotton (calico). Not being the most successful pirate, he glorified the name of the first was allowed to stay in the ship women, in spite of all the Maritime customs.

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

In 1720, when the ship Rakhima was found in the sea with the ship of the Governor of Jamaica, to the surprise of the sailors, fierce resistance they had only two pirates, as it turned out later, it was the women – the legendary Anne Bonnie and Mary Reid. And all the rest, including the captain, was drunk.

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Furthermore, Rackham came up with the same flag (skull with crossbones), the so-called “Jolly Roger”, which is now we all associate with pirates, although many pirates went under other flags.

Bartholomew Roberts

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

High handsome dandy, he was quite an educated man, knew a lot about fashion, complied with the etiquette. And that is absolutely not typical for pirates hated alcohol and was punished for drunkenness of others. Being a believer, wore on his chest a cross, read the Bible and arranged on the vehicle service. The elusive Roberts was distinguished by extraordinary courage and, along with that were very successful in their campaigns. So the pirates love their captain and were ready to follow him anywhere – because they sure are lucky!

Short-term, the Roberts captured more than two hundred ships and about 50 million pounds. But one day lady luck still cheated on him. Command of his ship, preoccupied with sharing loot, were caught off guard vessel of the British under the command of captain Ogle. The first shot of Roberts died, buckshot hit the back of the neck. The pirates, dropping his body overboard long resisted, but was forced to surrender.

Edward Lowe

Знаменитые морские разбойники Карибского моря. Фото

Already from an early age, spending his time among street criminals, he has absorbed all the worst. And being a pirate, has become one of the most bloodthirsty sadists, fanatics. Although it was already the sunset of the “Golden age”, low for a short time, showing an extraordinary cruelty, captured over 100 ships.

Sunset on the Golden age

By the end of 1730 with the pirates was finished, all of them were caught and executed. They began to remember with nostalgia and a certain touch of romanticism. Although, in fact, to his contemporaries the pirates were a real disaster.

As for all the famous captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate did not exist, there is no any specific prototype, the image is entirely imaginary, a Hollywood parody of the pirates, and many charismatic features of this colorful and charismatic character was on the move invented by johnny Depp.

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