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Famous people who grew up in poverty. Photo

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. ФотоThey have achieved great heights.

Everything is possible! It proves the history of our heroes that are incredibly rich without the help of parents, sponsors, or even good luck in the lottery.

Oprah Winfrey
Presenter, the state of ~ $3 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

The first black woman in history to become a billionaire, was born to the family maid and hairdresser, but parents Oprah seen infrequently. The first six years of life, the future star spent with my grandmother in the village. Her Winfrey learned to read, studied the Bible, but for the slightest offence, the punishment served as a rod… In 13 years, Oprah became pregnant and out of desperation drank cleaning products. As awful as it may sound, but Oprah felt the relief when the baby died after birth. After giving birth, Oprah ran away from home to his father, and he did everything to make my daughter went to College and got to his feet. Career in television, Oprah began in 1983, when she was given into the possession of a seedy half-hour Breakfast show AM Chicago, which Winfrey less than a month raised to first place in the rating of the Chicago talk show. Two years later, the producers entrusted the Oprah own show, which was aired on the Federal level. The transmission lasted 25 years and gained cult status.

Roman Abramovich
The entrepreneur, as ~ $9 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

When Roman Abramovich was one year old, he lost his mother, and three years later killed his father. Up to 10 years Roman grew up in the family of his paternal uncle in Ukhta, and then moved to another uncle in Moscow, where he graduated from high school. Accurate information about higher education tycoon no, but it is known that in his youth, Abramovich founded a small manufacture of plastic toys to sell at the famous Moscow market in the Luzhniki stadium. In the same way, once worked part time and Anita Tsoy, but she failed to save on an oil rig, unlike Abramovich.

JK Rowling
The writer, as ~ $1 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

Despite the fact that Rowling’s father worked as an engineer at Rolls-Royce, the family is not bathed in luxury. Parents Rowling with her two daughters lived in a village in Gloucestershire. The relationship with the father the girls did not develop, and the mother was seriously ill. “I was not particularly happy. I think this is a horrible time of life” – so says the writer of his youth. In 1992, Rowling married Portuguese journalist Jorge arantes of that… filed for divorce after the birth of a daughter. Sunny Portugal, where the writer ran away from his home, no longer warmed by JK Rowling, and she and her baby returned home. Joan settled in Scotland in the family of the younger sister and continued to write stories about a boy wizard. Finished the novel about Harry Potter appreciated at once: a number of publishers rejected Rowling, and Bloomsbury, which bought the manuscript, insisted that Rowling is the full name used the initials so it created the illusion that the author is male, and the book bought better. But we all know that in the end, the writer became popular under his name, is rich, remarried and successfully! and thanks to the magic of history happy tickets to many of the actors from the film adaptations of his books.

Ralph Lauren
The designer, condition ~ $6 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

Ralph Livshits was born into a large Jewish family of a painter and a housewife (by the way, immigrants from the Russian Empire). The family huddled in a Studio apartment in the Bronx is the famous new York “the poor district”, where increased woody Allen, Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Lea Michele, well, among the neighbors Ralph Lauren was Calvin Klein. Despite the sobering reality, Lauren dreamed of a beautiful life and dreaming to be a millionaire. The main passion of Ralph were aristocratic clothes, and after the army he began working as a salesman at the boutique Brooks Brothers, and then moved to company Rivetz&Co, which was engaged in the creation of ties. Soon myself and Lauren (the name of the designer has changed right after school) opened a small tie shop, orders from which makes the Department stores of the city. Orders became more and more revenue was allowed to open his own store with a full men’s and women’s collections. A boy from a poor family of migrants are counted with your dream – instead of a millionaire he became a billionaire. Today Ralph Lauren is the list of the 200 richest people in the world.

Guy Laliberte
The founder of Cirque du Soleil, as ~ $1.5 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

At 18, guy left his home in Canada, crossed the ocean and went to wander around Europe as a street circus performer. The guy played the accordion, walked on stilts and swallowing fire – how many artists have you seen on the streets of any tourist town! But not each of them is waiting for a billion. Of course, guy wasn’t in a hopeless situation. When it seemed that the adventure was delayed, he calmly returned home to continue her education and build a career, but… it was destined to Laliberte overcame your way to success not in a business suit and on stilts. Did you miss the circus show, guy joined the troupe of acrobats, where “baiting” leaders to organize a festival of circus art. Guy managed to “knock out” funding for the administration of the province of Quebec, and the money started to create the famous “Circus of the Sun”.

Jan Koum
Co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp messenger, status ~ $7.5 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

Jan B. koum was born and raised in Kiev, and at age 16 with her mother and grandmother emigrated to California, where he lived on state allowances and moonlighted as a janitor in a supermarket. When his mother was diagnosed with cancer and she was unable to continue working as a nanny, the family began to survive on disability allowance.

Yang independently mastered programming, went to University and began working at Yahoo, where he built a serious career.

In 2009, after buying his first iPhone the godfather came up with the idea of creating a new user friendly messenger and found support in the face of his friend, the émigré Alex Fishman, a colleague at Yahoo, Brian Acton have helped with the development. Offering an increasing number of developers from a number of friends to join the project, Kum stated: “SMS “lock” users in the country, they will leave in the past, as the Fax”.

After two years WhatsApp has become one of the most popular apps in the us App Store, and in 2014, the business bought… Facebook for $ 19 billion.

François Pinault
Entrepreneur and philanthropist, as ~ $9 billion

Знаменитые люди, выросшие в бедности. Фото

80-year-old French businessman, the father of the beautiful actress Salma Hayek grew up in a family of merchant wood. His father was down, and the young françois was teased at school because of poverty and failure in school. At the age of 16 Pinot still left school and tried to earn, but in the end proved to be fateful to his marriage with the daughter of one of the vendors father. Father-in-law helped enterprising son-in-law to set up a company to trade in timber, which was later Pino was able to sell profitably. Their capital of Pinot built on a good investment and games on the exchange. Now he owns the auction house Christie’s, winery château Latour in Bordeaux, ski resorts Vail Resorts in Colorado, théâtre Marigny in Paris and the football club “Rennes”.

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