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Famous nutritionist shared rules of the special new year’s diet

Знаменитый диетолог поделился правилами особой предновогодней диетыThe expert suggests to start losing weight today, then it will be too late and in Christmas dress to get you will not succeed.

To lose weight before December 31 — the dream of almost all women who have relaxed a bit and gained a couple extra pounds in the fall. People with some of the stages of obesity and a couple of dozen excess pounds, and does are committed each year to lose weight the New year, to the summer vacation. Rarely do they succeed. And those and others are wrong, make mistakes and can’t get in shape, because you begin to lose weight too late. Some do so on December 30 evening remember that tomorrow will need to wear a beautiful dress, and the folds of fat from the belly has nowhere to hide.

Dr. Ornish from America once created the perfect power system, customized for the core, so that they could cure their diseases or at least help the body live with a variety of diagnoses. But as it turned out, this method is perfect not only for people with diseases of heart and vessels, and those with obesity.

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The diet doctor Ornish

The most important rule is a minimization or complete elimination of consumption of products of animal origin, with the exception of proteins from chicken eggs. Also, the doctor recommends to reduce the amount of consumed dietary fat, not only animal, but vegetable. Milk and dairy products in this diet is also almost non-existent. And the most beloved ingredient of morning drinks — caffeine was prohibited. But people who can not imagine their life without a Cup of morning coffee, the doctor makes a break, and resolves to drink no more than 200 ml of caffeinated beverages per day.

The benefits of diet Dr. Ornish:

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1. Dieters will not experience hunger. Despite the fact that the permitted foods — vegetables, fruits, greens, cereals and beans, the founder of this technique of weight loss and healing believes that 5-6 meals is able to fully satisfy hunger.

2. A quick result. Diet Dr. Ornish — the most suitable in the period before the New year, because a couple of weeks you can achieve stunning results. Scientists have proved that vegetarians who consume plant foods pretty quickly shed excess weight.

3. Application for longevity. We all know that once again vegetarians live longer and get sick less often meat-eaters. Therefore, this system of nutrition for weight loss and healing of the heart and vessels might play into the hands of man and prolong his life. However, in that case, if he will stick to it all his life.

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