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Famous Hollywood actress spoke about her terrible childhood

Известная голливудская актриса рассказала о своем ужасном детствеThe girl had serious problems early in his life.

Actress Kate Winslet told about his childhood. She made a rather emotional speech at the We Day UK festival. Kate Winslet told about bullying in school in front of 12-thousand audience.

I’ve been bullied in school. Classmates called me fat. They teased me because I knew that I wanted to be an actress, were locked in the closet, laughing at me.

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Classmates Kate Winslet nurtured in her a lot of complexes about appearance. All of this helped her to cope the desire to become an actress.

I was sure that I’ll get lucky. I was ready on everything, even on the role of the fat girl. But I always felt that I was not good enough and did not look as it should… all because I don’t look as someone said, and I don’t fit someone’s ideal of beauty said Kate Winslet.

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Oscar-winning actress urged everyone not to look to the opinions of others. And only then can we go to your goal:
Forget about everything and go to your goal! Your generation can change the world! You can be anywhere and do what you want, just believe it.

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