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Famous comedian “lit up” in Ukrainian talent show. Video

Известный комик «засветился» в украинском шоу талантов. ВидеоUncle George came to the project “X-Factor”.

Ukrainian showman famous comedian Uncle George came to the popular project X-Factor, as a participant. Video of his speech was published on the YouTube channel of the “X-factor”.

The comedian surprised not only the judges, but other participants when he appeared in the audition of X Factor in Kharkiv. The actor told us why he decided to participate in the popular telegraphese.

“Today, my appearance on X-Factor was surprising: someone who, as Uncle Zhora didn’t expect to see. At the moment, know me as a host and as a comedian, as an entertainer. For me this is an important moment, because I’m not quite in your genre. But life has shown that we should not miss the opportunities that destiny gives us, explained Suomen.

Uncle George decided to speak with the author’s song, and heard from four judges “Yes”. But the viewers opinion of the judges did not share, though not all.

“Uncle George burns! Diluted pretentious and boring casting its simplicity!”, “Come on, let’s sing about beer, about the beer belly, and how this is cool and cute, his cute beer belly. Degradation, not the music. Let’s go live with more of this and raise a nation of alcoholics. There’s no humor, it’s sad. It is a pity that this “tvorcha lyudyna” carries the weight of the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles”, “Bli-and-in, my dream is to see him on the stage of the X Factor in the air. He’s already my winner!” – said speech fans of the TV show.

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