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Famous cigar-shaped asteroid can be a comet

Известный сигарообразный астероид может оказаться кометой The object was first recorded in Hawaii.

This mysterious astroid, in the form of cigars, was spotted in our Solar system back in October of last year, astronomers Hawaiian Observatory.

Hence, such a strange name – Oumuamua, although translated from the Hawaiian language this word means “Messenger”: true, and that his name immediately raises certain questions.

The fact that the General public about the mysterious gift from space only found out two months later – in late December of 2017, and before scientists of the world have been secretly discussing what it is, and the main question was, and still is, – a comet or an artificial body?..

Now, when this strange body length estimated 400 and a width of 40 meters (ten to one, to be more correct, as the exact size of the asteroid have not been disclosed, again, not clear why), close to Jupiter, zeroed in on him immediately all the largest telescopes in the world, e.g., Canada-France-Hawaii, the NASA/ESA Hubble, Gemini South, ESO Big. Due to this have received many photographs from which the experts made a rather impressive animation (see video).

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The theory that the asteroid Oumuamua can be man-made creation (it was even considered by NASA officials), and officially rejected, however, the arguments put forward that academic science in the form of evidence that “Messenger” just “boulder” look, to put it mildly, Diplomatie, and here’s why:

– “The messenger” is constantly increasing speed (he was come into the Solar system at a speed of 95 thousand kilometers per hour, and now she is already 114 thousand). NASA employees assume that the cause is allocated to the cometary gases gives the body acceleration, however, none of the world of telescopes they somehow found. Besides Oumuamua suspiciously rotates in three planes, and its orbit did not fit in the calculated;

– then scientists have suggested that the cause may be the Yarkovsky effect (acceleration of the cosmic body occurs due to heat radiation from the periodic heating and cooling of the surface of the asteroid). However, the behavior of the “Messenger” has been identified by independent researchers, these formulas do not fit;

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now NASA claims that Oumuamua – just an unusual comet, shooting pellets of ice, and give it acceleration.

Of course, despite all the far-fetched official arguments, they can be accepted if the same NASA employees introduced independent researchers with data not only in optical but also in infrared spectrum, the parameters of the mysterious asteroid by radiation, radiation and so on. That “Messenger” is like a huge boulder, still about what does not speak, say those conspiracy theorists, for example, our Moon also looks like a normal satellite, though still none of the Orthodox scholars did not refute the undeniable argument of its artificiality.

Recall that scientists last year said that “the Messenger” came to us from the constellation of Lyra, specifically from the star VEGA. But in this case, declare independent astronomers, Omoloi, as shown by the most elementary calculations, made a huge detour before you get to the Solar system, which can be explained only if it is a man-made spacecraft, but not an asteroid.

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