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False prophets, heralding the “inevitable collapse of the EU”, will again be put to shame

Лжепророки, предрекающие «неизбежный развал ЕС», снова будут посрамлены

From may 18, in Italy almost all businesses and organizations (including shops, restaurants and public transport) mass resume work, subject to the rules of sanitary security (social distance and the use of personal protective equipment).

It seems worse for hard-hit countries are already behind. The number of new confirmed infections COVID-19 has been declining for three weeks. But death continues to gather his harvest among those who are sick.

On may 19, from defeat COVID-19 died in Italy 32 169 people. And recovered 129 401 people. The total number of installed carriers of the coronavirus during the whole period of the epidemic exceeded 226 700 people.

First in importance is getting the revival of the economy.

The government has allocated for an emergency program is 55 billion euros. Direct payments business account for about 10 billion euros. To purchase the products for the transmission of the needy will go 400 million euros (in addition to the funds from the budgets of constituent regions). Distribution of free products are actively involved in charity organizations.

Self-employed citizens has received from the budget a one-time payment of 600 euros, they can also in a simplified procedure to take loan up to 25 thousand euros. Even more significant assistance to Rome, as well as from the European Union.

Recently announced initiative of the heads of Germany and France Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron on the establishment of the restoration Fund of the EU economy of 500 billion euros can be criticized from two sides. Italy believes that the plan is inadequate, and most importantly — does not take into account the full scale of the Italian disaster. While the Northern countries (especially Scandinavian) opposed, to take the total EU budget of all “Italian debts.”

Inevitably a compromise will be found. All false prophets, heralding the “inevitable collapse of the EU”, will be once again put to shame (and as always not rest).

But the recovery of a great country will be difficult, long, and will not remain without consequences. This is evident even in Venetian gondolas, returned on the Grand canal.


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