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Fake daddy will not put

Фейк в папочку не положат

When Vladimir Putin at a conference on the oil spill in Norilsk asked, what are we now — news from the social networks to learn, it seemed like a joke. But when Dmitry Peskov assured journalists that about their reaction to “business person” will be reported to the President, it became clear that was not a joke Mr President.

Russian President Vladimir Putin receives information in “folders with the arms”. Of course, social networking information is more fresh, like right out of the pan, still hot. But also full of fakes. And in “daddy,” she cooled, filtered, gnawed, sucked, checked and sorted. Fake daddy will not put.

However, there is a risk with the reaction to be late. Well, every business has its costs. And age is not one already, too late to relearn. Fathers-grandfathers hand, without any Internet ruled — and look what a state was, the whole world is in fear shaking. Although a colleague in America for 6 years older, and fumbles on these social networks, as young. Even government runs a “tweet”.


But we have our own special way. We are a separate civilization.


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