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Facts about North Korea that you might be surprised. Photo

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. ФотоOne of the most unusual countries in the world.

Interest in North Korea and its way of life in the world is constantly growing. However, we know about this country enough — even from those who were in it, you can hear completely contradictory opinions about life there.

We have collected interesting and almost unknown facts about North Korea that might help us a little better idea of what the country and the North Koreans.

1. The people of Korea believe that Korea is one

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

If you take the political map of the world, published in any country, it will be North Korea and South Korea. However, North Korea believe that the country is unified — so, on the map, which can be seen in any school or other institution, is only one Korea, with its capital in Pyongyang. However, despite the fact that she and the other side seems to be the dream of unification, each of them has reasons for that situation remained unchanged.

2. They call American “big noses”

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

American soldiers during the Korean war on campaign posters at the war Museum in Pyongyang.

The North Koreans think that all Americans big nose, huge eyes and in addition hairy chest. How to tell the former residents of the DPRK, in schools, in physical education they training to kill American soldiers, using cardboard mannequins depicting people in uniform, with giant noses and wide blue eyes.

3. North Korea is not a Communist country

It is considered that North Korea follow the tenets of Marxism-Leninism. But in fact, North Korea has abandoned the Communist ideology in the 50-ies of the last century, when the Soviet Union officially denounced the cult of personality. It then began to grow formed, according to historians of the DPRK, in 1926 the idea of Juche, which was at first regarded as a development of the theories of Marx and Lenin.

Over time, however, all mention of communism began to vymanivaniya from the Constitution of the DPRK, and in its latest edition, adopted in 2009, they had disappeared altogether.

4. In North Korea no taxes

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

North Korea is one of the few countries in the world, the residents of which pay no taxes. Tax revenues (as part of the “old world”) was abolished in the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula in 1974. Not exempt from taxes only organizations and individuals outside of the country with the aim of earning. However, soon things can change — there are rumors that the government plans to recover the personal income tax in the near future.

5. In North Korea, watch American movies, but do not know they are American

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

Yes, North Korea just love Hollywood movies — for example, they love “Titanic” and “die hard.” Often, however, the Koreans do not know where it is filmed — in the end, not only Americans have big noses. By the way, to watch South Korean TV is much more dangerous than American movies, because in this case, you cannot plead ignorance of how “came” or that the transfer or the film.

By the way, interesting fact: Kim Il sung was born April 15, 1912, sank the Titanic.

6. Cimorene and kitchenarea

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

No, it’s not humorous North Korea, and varieties of flowers: cimorene is a hybrid cultivar of Orchid, and kitchenarea is a hybrid cultivar of begonia. However, none of the flowers is a symbol of the DPRK — this is the role of Magnolia. That, however, does not prevent to conduct annual exhibitions kimenyi and cimiseni to which every “good” family tries to grow the best flower.

7. North Korea is one of the world leaders in the export of seafood

The main trading partner of the DPRK is, of course, neighboring China, which accounts for about 60 % of export North Korean goods. One of the main exports of fish and other seafood that constitute 1/4 of the total overseas goods. In addition, North Korea is in the top 20 countries that export the products of the fishing industry.

By the way, another article of export to the DPRK are monuments, they produce what is called an order. In addition, in the Studio “Mansudae”, where do the “monumental” art, paint pictures and weave tapestries, etc., and you can afford to order something.

8. The head of North Korea is a dead man

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

Kim Jong UN — Supreme leader of the DPRK

The DPRK is the only country in the world where there is a unique form of government — necrocracy. The fact that Kim Il sung was posthumously awarded the title of Eternal President of the DPRK. Practically, this means that the current head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN, wearing a quite formal title of Supreme leader of the DPRK and leader of the party, army and people does not have the status of the President. Yes he doesn’t have to.

9. In the Arirang show involved 4% of the population of the DPRK

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

The Arirang festival in 2012, marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il sung

The Arirang festival, the biggest circus show on the planet, listed in the Guinness Book of records. It is attended by about 100 thousand people, and the entire population of Korea is about 25 million people. In addition, the show is held at the stadium Ninnada First of may — the largest such facility in the world, accommodating up to 150 thousand spectators.

10. On the border of North Korea and South Korea has a “propaganda” village

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

Kigongo — village-Ghost

On the border with South Korea is the village of Kigongo built in order to show southern neighbours, the attractiveness of living in the Northern part of the Country of morning freshness. It was built in the 1950-ies — at a time when electricity in rural areas was a luxury on both sides of the border.

The light was lit up on schedule and in the same premises, on the streets wandering soldiers, and the same women for 15 years washed the same window. Later, when the technique allowed the southerners to see the village better, it became clear that the house in Kigongoni — it’s just empty boxes with no floors, no ceilings, no partitions.

11. Who is louder?

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

View Kigongo and a flagpole with a height of 160 m, claiming the title of highest in the world

With Kigongoni has another interesting story. For several years in its territory with big volume worked radio where they talked about how nice it will be to live in North Korea, those who come here from South of the border.

However, in 2004, realizing the futility of trying to win over the neighbors, the North Koreans began to broadcast at full volume military marches for 20 hours a day, in response to the southerners has included his famous K-Rock. When the noise became unbearable, radio by tacit agreement turned off. On both sides.

12. Kim Jong UN like this one

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

Kim Jong-UN during a visit to the boarding school, Pyongyang

In North Korea children are officially forbidden to name the name of the leader. If a family of random (or not) coincidence, the child grows up with the same name, parents need to urgently change his name. This is not the first such ban in North Korea: in 2011, the father of Kim Jong-UN, Kim Jong-Il, issued the same decree relative of his name. However, the first went on the step of their father and grandfather — Kim Il sung, and all previous bans are still in effect.

Bonus: Korean posters

Факты о Северной Корее, которые вас наверняка удивят. Фото

Long live the large-scale fishing in all corners of our country!

As you know, the propaganda in North Korea — the widespread and persistent. Posters calling to serve my country and the KIMS, “lurk” Koreans literally on every corner. By the way, anyone can buy a couple of North Korean propaganda posters — they, incidentally, are drawn manually.

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