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Facial peels at home: the best recipes

Пилинг лица в домашних условиях: лучшие рецептыBeautiful and healthy complexion, fresh, smooth and glowing skin is the signs that you properly care for it.

There is an incredible amount of scrubs, so it is very difficult to find one that will take into account the individual characteristics of your skin and help it to become well-groomed.

Much easier to make a scrub yourself.

Moreover, if all the necessary ingredients you can find in your own kitchen.

We will tell you about the major components of scrubs and what they are useful. Then give you 5 recipes of scrubs. Let’s get started!

The first thing you need to choose your exfoliant, usually using salt or sugar.

We recommend 4 different types:

• Plain white refined sugar;

• Brown cane sugar;

• Regular iodized salt;

• Sea salt.

The sugar granules are less abrasive than salt granules and dissolve faster. Brown cane sugar, due to the mild effects suitable for skin sensitive to external stimuli. Salt enhances the activity of skin cells, eliminates them dead particles.

The second ingredient that should choose this oil. We presented 5 different options that will perfectly work for your skin – olive, sunflower, almond, avocado and coconut oil extraction. They all, except avocados, are natural antiseptics. Therefore, they help to cope with any problems on the skin. Olive is well suited for skin in need of moisture. Sunflower oil has a high fat content, will help soothe easily irritated skin and prevent contamination of the pores.

Almond oil reduces the effect of UVB rays and visibly brightens complexion. Avocado oil is extracted only from the pulp of the fruit, the seed is not used, so it is rich in useful vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil extraction is endowed with high antioxidant ability and helps to stop the aging process.

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Of course, you can prepare scrub from two ingredients – exfoliant and oil, but the efficiency will rise significantly, if the blend add fruit or vegetables. They have vitamins that help your skin to become more beautiful. Recall that using the recipe for fresh fruit and vegetables reduces the shelf life of your scrub, so better to keep everything in the fridge and not on a shelf in the bathroom. Keep this in mind when counting the number of ingredients.

So, what better to choose as the last component of the scrub? Kiwi helps to brighten your skin, strawberries perfectly aligns and smoothes small wrinkles, and it contains vitamin C. Pineapple is best for skin that suffers from the huge number of pimples. He also has enzymes to help get rid of dead skin cells.

We now turn to the vegetables. Tomatoes contain lycopene. This substance is included in the creams from sunburn because it helps to protect skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. Cucumber will help reduce swelling, removing excess water from the skin.

Do some cooking!

Ingredients and tools:

• sugar or salt (your choice);

• butter (optional);

• vegetables or fruits;

• airtight container.


1. Select your container and measure out a sufficient amount of exfoliant so that the container is filled three quarters.

2. Pour into a bowl of oil. Stick to the ratio of 2 to 1. The exfoliant should be two times more than oil.

3. Pour exfoliant to oil and stir.

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4. Add fruits or vegetables, sliced so thinly, as soon as you can, mix again. Do not do it too intensely, otherwise the granules of the exfoliant will begin to dissolve.

5. Pour the mixture into your container. Store in the refrigerator no more than two weeks.

Moisturizing and tightening

The scrub consists of tomato and olive oil. It helps to restore skin elasticity. Instead, slice the tomatoes, remove the peel and add to the scrub only the pulp. Do not mix too much, it will allow the scrub to stay longer fresh. Mix all until just before use.

Protection and purification

To make this cleansing scrub mix together the sugar, sunflower oil and kiwi. Take kiwi only flesh, try to cut out the solid core. Enjoy the pleasant colour of the scrub.

Lightening and toning

Almond oil mixed with strawberries and sugar makes this scrub the best option to prepare for the big event. Mix all the ingredients well. The scrub is ready!

Soothing and softening

We recommend you scrub, which is mixed brown sugar, avocado oil and pulp of cucumber. Vegetable need to peel and grate or use the blender. Scrub perfect for sensitive skin. And yet it keeps.

Exfoliation and deep cleansing

This scrub is the most serious of the proposed us. The combination of sea salt and enzymes contained in the pineapple, really cleans your skin. Fortunately coconut oil has a very calming effect. Due to the fact that pineapple has a thick rind before using it, of course, need to be cleaned. Only then you can add it to the scrub.

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