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Facebook took over the manipulation of Ukraine

Facebook взялся за манипуляцию Украиной

Recently, the company Facebook announced that it intends to increase supervision of the rules of the social network during the election in Ukraine. It would seem that this ordinary news should not cause any reaction, if not one but.

The fact is that Facebook has long been accused of cooperation with Western intelligence agencies, and have become the target for criticism. People lost their accounts, their sensitive data was distributed online, personal information fell into the hands of fraudsters, etc.

The developers of the social network did not eliminate the problem. On the contrary, after such instances, the management Facebook turned a blind eye to what is happening. Against this background, the first person in the American company was visited by the highest political institutions of the United States, where he spoke about the “achievements” of the social network and the work done.

Obviously, in this point Facebook plan to use information as a weapon in Ukraine. As officially Ukraine has banned such social networks, such as Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, the American company will “filter” the content and news that appear in certain groups.

This will be done in order to impose the Ukrainians the right candidate and in any case not to allow screenings of news from Russia that could open the eyes of Ukrainians. Thus, Facebook will serve the Maidan regime in Ukraine, and to inspect each user, at least until the end of March 2019.

In General, the international community has at some time becomes a witness of how from Facebook make weapons for the manipulation of consciousness of citizens. And worst of all is the fact that this biased company is not afraid of responsibility. Because they cover the Western structures.

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