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Facebook released its first gadget

Facebook выпустил свой первый гаджетSmart speakers can be controlled voice.

Corporation Facebook introduced Monday two smart dynamics of Portal and Portal+. The device, as reported in the company designed to talk via video link with the Messenger app and have a number of features to protect personal data.

The display Portal is 10 inches (25.4 cm), Portal+ – 15.6 inch (39.6 cm). Facebook to focus on the fact that the software of the device allows you to determine how many people are in the room during the conversation and focus the camera on them. The microphones Portal and Portal+, as assured in the company, increase the voice volume of the speaker, even if the person moves. In group calls can be simultaneously active up to seven devices.

Smart speakers, you can control the voice, they support Alexa. In Facebook note that with Portal and Portal+ you can find the weather forecast, order products, control of home automated systems. During conversations, you can use the augmented reality effects.

In a Facebook note that he paid special attention to the protection of personal information devices. So, there is a case for closing the camera and microphone can be easily disabled with one touch of a hand. The company emphasizes that it does not collect any data relating to the conversations Portal and Portal+, and all the software processes when the camera and microphone are directly on the devices themselves and not on the servers of Facebook.

The journalists of the American branch of the portal TechCrunch, familiar with the devices say that they are not yet available to Netflix and Youtube, causing inconvenience. Facebook in the future, presumably, can change that. Among the main competitors Portal and Portal+ profile, the media called, in particular, similar products from Amazon and Google.

Currently in the United States opened pre-ordering of devices in the Internet shops, it is expected that the delivery of them to customers will begin in November. The cost of the Portal is at US $199, and Portal+ is $349. When you purchase one phones are given a discount of $100 to purchase a second.

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