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Facebook has opened “the hunt for the brownies”. For bans to prosecute

Facebook открыл «охоту на пироженки». За баны компанию привлечь к суду

The administration of the social networking pluck more. Violate Russian legislation, users ‘ rights, steal someone else’s intellectual property and database with contacts, photos, videos and other user information.

“Ahead of the rest” in this context was an American social network Facebook. The arrogance of its staff exceeded all reasonable facets.

Russian users came under severe pressure. And if the admins get banned for political office, now the criteria for censorship expanded. Enough to be a citizen of Russia and love their country, be proud of it, to get into the blacklist Facebook.

My girl friends have experienced the “new policy” of the company. And after all, what they were doing? Cakes and brownies sold to people wanting to reduce weight. Those for whom the sweet tooth turned into a big problem. One often had breakdowns and had, choking on tears, climb on the scales and go on a severe diet.

Once in the city they began to sell low-carb cakes, the people pulled him. First, girls were selling their masterpieces to friends, and when customers become more we started to distribute products via the Internet.

This, too, was preceded by hard work: improvement of the formulation, the placing on the accounts of the pictures from culinary products, expanding circle of acquaintances. At first close friends, then friends of friends were added and finally the group began to receive strangers wishing to purchase snacks, is not harmful to their health… and weight.

From making cakes to order for friends to create a public social network Facebook, which even started to place paid advertising. My friends worked on the rules: took orders, prepared reports, sent the payment documents, the rules of the social network is not violated. It did not help. Banned. Support about the reasons for silence, dryly noting in the message that violated the rules of Facebook.

Girlfriend didn’t know what to think. How to run when all contacts become inaccessible? Who will compensate them loss of profit? And, most importantly, by what right the admins of the social network banned their accounts, when they only make cakes to sell?

Perhaps his role was played by the fact that girls often went to the Crimea and uploaded my vacation photos, admiring, “Russian land” and the Crimeans. Russian flag on a photo of a happy person, love to their country – all this in the West being oppressed. The girls were victims of political censorship in the USA.

In any case, their accounts blocked, and re-access is denied. This problem was faced not only Russian, but also American European. The last filed in the court, attracting the company to liability and exacting compensation. My friends decided to go the same way: to sue Facebook. The company shall be responsible for the lawlessness. Zuckerberg is just the fear of losing.

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