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Facebook explained how it will deal with false news

Facebook объяснил, как будет бороться с ложными новостямиNews, not confirmed by facts, will not disappear from the social network, but will be marked as “disputed”.

The leadership of the social network Facebook has presented a strategy for dealing with the abundance of fake news, which have led to political scandals in American elections.

As noted by the Vice-President for work with the news John Hegman, in the social network understand the need to combat the dissemination of false information, but at the same time, Facebook intends to maintain its role as an open platform for the exchange of information.

To begin with, the company will facilitate users the ability to announce the fake news. If it declares a certain number of users, the news will be sent for review to the news Agency and other third-party companies that are factchecking (verification of information).

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News, not confirmed by facts, will not disappear from the social network, but they will be marked as “disputed” and will appear below in the news feeds of users. Such news can be shared, but in this case, the user will receive another warning that the news is “controversial”.

In addition, Facebook is introducing an algorithm that will not allow spammers to operate in social networks under the names real news organizations.

In recent years, many have criticized Facebook for failing to resist the influx of fake news. False news stories were, in particular, Hillary Clinton and Pope Francis.

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In mid-November, the company’s founder mark Zuckerberg wrote on his page: “Our goal is for people to have access to stories that interest them. And we know that people want to obtain accurate information. We do not want to be arbiters of truth, so instead rely on trusted third parties and the community around us.”

Earlier it was reported that Facebook mistakenly reported the death of hundreds of its users, published on the pages of their accounts to them.

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