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Facebook by mistake deleted the post Zuckerberg

Facebook по ошибке удалил посты ЦукербергаZuckerberg’s account was hacked, and he wrote his message, emphasized in the company.

A few posts of the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, 29 Nov disappeared from his account due to a technical error. About ten of the missing posts Zuckerberg concerned, in particular, on the issue of elections and the increase in the number of fake news in Facebook.

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The recording was then restored, a company spokesman said that it all happened by chance. “It happened because of an error in one of our systems, communications is now restored. Mark’s account was not hacked, and he wrote his message,” – said the representative of the social network.

As specified, temporarily disappeared in one of the posts of Zuckerberg dated 12 November, where he responded to the elections in USA and message about the role of Facebook in spreading news and fictional conspiracy theories.

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Another missing post from 19 November was presented the plan of struggle with fictitious news. It included measures such as improved detection systems and data verification.

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