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Extra-long cycles of economic social formation

Сверхдлинные циклы экономической общественной формации

A brief synopsis is given and justified a new theory of very long (average about 18 centuries) and long (5 to 7 centuries) cycles of development of the economic social formation spanning the last 5.5 thousand years of world history and the beginning of emergence and development of the first known syncretic States of the East in the valleys of the Nile, Indus, Tigris and Euphrates.

The thesis also formulates the specific contents of each super-long development cycle, the objective and subjective conditions and prerequisites, including the periods of migrations and invasions of nomadic tribes and the resulting Great migrations of peoples as triggers (triggers) start/termination “outside” of each very long and long development cycle.

On the basis of patterns of world history, open, first of all, Marx and the author concluded that the last – 3rd – super-long cycle of development of economic social formations, as well as the last of the long cycles corresponding to the last progressive era economic social formation (the capitalist mode of production), expired ontologically but phenomenologically still in progress (is 18 a century of this series) in the form of centuries of systemic crisis of the entire economic social formation…

Extra-long and long cycles of economic social formation, as well as all this part of world history opened by the author on the basis of generalization and analysis of the entire known world history. The abstracts published in the form of the article formulated by the author by a generalization of their theoretical and methodological results of research carried out and partially published as separate articles in the years 2012-2019, the use of the author of these scientific results to the available now research and public content about world history.

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