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Extinguish fires stars of show business

Пожары тушат звездами шоу-бизнеса

A large part of the negative reaction of users of social networks on the fires associated with the current extent of the fire. Many users in their reports, the statistics of the Greеnpeace: “last year Russia lost in the fire record of forests for ten years, from 1.7 million hectares this year we have almost twice as broke this appalling record!”

But the official statistics does not give abnormal numbers compared to previous years. First of all, completely destroyed because of fires in 2018 was of 72.9 thousand hectares of forest (about the same 72,2 thousand hectares have been destroyed by insects).

In addition, at 0:00 GMT on 31 July in Russia, according to the FBU “Avialesookhrana”, act 147 of forest fires on the area of 107,1 thousand hectares, which actively fought, 321 fire (an area covering more than 2,882 million ha) is under “constant surveillance”, but them stopped fighting because “there is no threat to settlements and the projected costs of suppression exceed the projected damages that may be caused”.

The corresponding figures for 31 July last year below, but not twice, especially if you look at the size of the fire territory, 81 the fire was extinguished (area 64 ha), 205 were monitoring (2.4 million hectares).

Since the beginning of 2019 until the end of July the total area of all recorded forest fires (and not all of these forests are destroyed) is of 8.82 million hectares. This result is not too different from the same period last year — seven months of 2018 fire was affected 8.4 million hectares (last year — of 8.67 million hectares).

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