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Extinct animals that want to “return” to life. Photo

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. ФотоScientists believe mammoths and saber-toothed cats will be re-stepping confident gait.

This is not a fantasy but a very real result of cloning, which it remains only to wait.
The woolly mammoth

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Mammoth can be called a relative of modern elephant: it is also large and with a trunk, only the smaller ears, the tusks twisted screw, and the body is in a thick hard coat. Mammoths disappeared about 6 thousand years ago. The first remains were discovered 500 years ago, and, importantly, they are well preserved, and this gave a chance for resurrection of extinct species.

Scientists for two years has created a Bud that got a surrogate mother – species of African elephant. After 600 days of gestation, the baby wooly mammoth could be born. It is possible that by 2030 the year of the cloned mammoth will be seen in the zoo.
The Tasmanian tiger

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

Scientists pore, and to recreate the Tasmanian tiger. These wonderful members of the family the marsupial wolves were exterminated in the 30-ies of the last century. Sometimes, however, local residents say they see “tasmanica”, but scientist he is not caught. On the basis of copies of the DNA that remains in the tubes, the experts are working on the resurrection of this creation, with a special structure of the mouth… opened it to 120 degrees!
Pyrenean ibex

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

The Pyrenean ibex became extinct in the early noughties. The last animal is female tree crushed. Then Capricorn took DNA samples, and almost immediately began work on the return. The experiment failed, however, the cub had problems with light and rejoicing lasted not more than 7 minutes after the clone died. But scientists do not lose hope, because all and all ended in early miscarriages.
Saber-toothed cats

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

Scientists continue to investigate what caused the extinction of these lovely creatures 11 thousand years ago. Research of the remains found showed that famine animals do not suffer, but on the contrary – before the extinction of their diet were slightly dilated. In the list of causes are: climate change and the destruction of ancient man. However, while some scientists think about the past, others are working on the future and trying to breathe in sabre-toothed cats life. A few copies of DNA was discovered in pits in Los Angeles, on the basis of scientists create a clone. Although, looking at these teeth, some may wonder – is it worth?
The giant sloth

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

Who looks like more: giant big bear or a sloth? Maybe soon scientists’ll have to tell us. Intact remnants of hair extinct animal became the basis for the second coming of the bear. However, there is one big problem – the lack of a surrogate mother – modern ground sloths are too small for this, it is possible that you will need an artificial uterus.
Woolly rhinoceros

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

Another hairy creature that survived after icing 10 thousand years ago. Although it may be bitter cold will cause new life… permafrost in the Arctic has kept the remains of the animal’s DNA, we now also have our database of scientists, consequently, the time of the woolly rhinoceros may still occur.
Irish elk

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

Irish elk – went extinct during the Ice age. DNA samples are yet preserved, and scientists have made the first statement: “moose and deer”. However, as it is called – it is the second important thing that he can come back, again due to the fact that well preserved…
Baiji Dolphins

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

This Dolphin lived in a Chinese river, but due to the influence of man became extinct in 2006. However, China does not agree and say that this kind of alive.
However, even if scientists will go on the known path of cloning, the question arises, where are the dolphins going to live? In Chinese waters since 2006, hardly anything has changed…
Sea cow Steller

Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

The view was cut off almost immediately after it learned of the people. The sea cow was discovered in 1741 by the expedition of Vitus Bering. The name of the animal was named in honour of Georg Steller, the expedition doctor. The cow lived off the coast of the commander Islands, although modern researchers believe that “cow” could go on and on.

The animal is extinct, but its bones are still being found on the commander Islands, and, so, here is what to do experts on cloning.


Вымершие животные, которых хотят «вернуть» к жизни. Фото

The most controversial candidate in the resurrection, despite the fact that he doesn’t open his mouth 120 degrees, no tusks or fangs. A member of the genus Homo, which is considered a subspecies of modern humans, and its cloning scientists have not started. While there is a theory according to which one may be the most viable clone.

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