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Exposing evil: movie Review “She’s coming tonight” (“Tonight She Comes”, 2016)

Girlfriend named Christie can’t get through to his friend and come to her house. There they find a strange guy who turns out to be dozing on the job as a postman. And soon from the woods appears, and she Kristi – somehow washed in the blood and deliberately killing everybody who gets in her way. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Honestly think “Plan 9 from outer space” the worst film in horror in the world? Come on, ed wood filmed extremely cheap, but with love. Cover the face with paspalum another masterpiece from The Asylum? But there you can admire pathologic sharks! I think that the remake of “Nightmare on elm street” had failed on all fronts? Oh no, he’s not so bad.

Yes, the point of view on a terrible picture of the horror film changes radically after viewing the creations of Matt Sturza, speaking in the film “She’s coming tonight” a producer, screenwriter, and producer. The reason is simple – Sturz struggling tried and removed one of the worst horror films in history. And this is no exaggeration. The film is so disgusting that is able to compete on the level of helplessness of the cult of “the Room” Tommy Viso. And let this assessment is unconvincing: “just Think, you never know a bad movie removed every year!”. And there will have to once again assure you that Yes, a little. So horrible the movie did not appear for several years.

It begins malosedobnaya spectacle with a very confident note – bloody girl in the forest trying to cut from her womb with a huge shard of glass. That’s just this scene has NOTHING to do with the plot. As, however, and the majority of the episodes, practically carrying earlier. Then the story switches to the girlfriends girls and random guy-the postman, who along with a friend has to deliver her letter. That’s when the screen begins to happen is a complete mess. The characters are not just no motivation – every movement, every phrase not the slightest logic. The postman, who was unable to get through to the mistress of the house and took a NAP on her back porch? The guy who eases into the woods, finds a dead girl and the first thing decides to kiss her? Girl, loudly laughing over appeared out of the woods for a missing friend, covered in blood? Such a scenario of solutions my head is spinning, assuming that the script of this ugliness existed. All this is accompanied by a single dull music, looped on all 86 minutes of time.

In addition, the Director from time to time testing his very questionable sense of humor. In his opinion, would be incredibly funny if the hero will wet myself in the scene and loudly announce it; if a girl will drink up half a bottle of beer and it will be sick; if, during a satanic ritual someone will have to swallow a used tampon. And it’s still a small part of things happening on the screen of madness that doesn’t fit in any frame, even the “trash” cinema. Special “delicious” starts with the appearance of antagonists, bat-shit crazy family of worshippers, the efforts of which She came “tonight”. These villains must be checked for the presence of an extra chromosome in any strange situation, they cut his veins on both arms (and one of them dies from a “fun” almost instantly, and his sister though henna) and demand from the main characters completely incomprehensible ritual action seems improvised during the filming.

And the funny thing is – the resurrected girl, washed in the blood, around which revolves the whole plot, none of the characters almost didn’t pay attention! They quietly laugh at the camera, fighting off mertvyaki shovel, and then cease to give it the presence of the slightest value. And, of course, turns to die, as if competing, who’s death will be more ridiculous.

Here’s a brief overview explaining why you should never download to your computer or spend at least a kilobyte of traffic to view nedoroscik “She’s coming tonight”. It’s amazing in its helplessness movie – you can’t even tell that its author is not trying. On the contrary, it is necessary to try VERY hard to spoil each scene of a picture and so ineptly to glue them together in a half-hour of audience torture. If this watch, it was only for a bet, and I strongly suggest you a bet not to take.

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