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Experts told why it is impossible to charge the phone at night

Специалисты рассказали, почему нельзя заряжать телефон по ночамThis, at least, a bad idea.

Many people connect your mobile phone to the charger at night, in the morning to get a phone with a fully charged battery.

It’s convenient, but, according to experts, such long-term battery connection to the electrical power source could damage it.

Every time you fully charge the battery to 100%, its service life is reduced.

This happens because once the charge falls by 1%, the module for charging is switched on again — so 1 cycle stock becomes smaller.

Also when fully charged decreases the capacity of the battery.

Experts recommend to turn off the device when the battery is charged, reaching 80% and not 100% as the full discharge and the same full charge leads to more rapid failure of the battery.

The bottom line is, we are left with little choice — easy loading (set and forget), or extending the service life of your beloved gadget.

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