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Experts told, when Ukraine will fall in price gasoline

Эксперты рассказали, когда в Украине подешевеет бензинFuel in Ukraine is getting more expensive every day: what to prepare drivers.

Despite the stabilization of world oil prices and the exchange rate, fuel in the domestic gas stations may be cheaper only in the spring.

At the end of last-beginning of this week’s domestic refueling again, alternately raised the price tags on their stelae. As told in the consulting group “A-95”, last week, just 50 kopecks/liter increased their prices big networkers: WOG, OKKO, SOCAR and.

This Monday to their level gradually began to catch up with the rest of the market — network Shell gas station and “Neftek” also rewrote the price tags. And this game of “catch-up” will continue all week, experts warn.

Although today the average price in the country for gasoline a-95 and are on the level 24,02 UAH./l, the number of major networks sells this fuel is of 26.5 RS./L.

“As sales of the purchased at the end of last years stock and replace them with fuel from more expensive supply is growing and the retail price. Gradually, the whole market will catch up to the same level. It provided a stable exchange rate and oil prices”, — said the owner of the network KLO Igor Cherniavsky.

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Agreed, and member of the Supervisory Board, the expert of oil products market “Integrum ventures” Alexander Kirimov, adding that if the fuel is cheaper, can be found on the “shadow” stations, which are traded in the bypass permits and taxes, after transfer of the retail excise tax at the basic rate now to dump will not work.

The capital drivers are called at least 2-3 ‘ of gas stations “for their” still really pour on the diesel to 19.25 UAH./l and gasoline — 21-22 UAH./l, that is, 2-3 UAH./l cheaper than the average for Metropolitan stations. Generous tankers argue that trading of Belarusian fuel, which carry “channels,” that is, without taxes.

Experts, however, believe in good.

“The first few weeks of January, the new tax system was rebuilt not only the formal market and the shadow. Now the excise tax should pay it. Accordingly, the prices at all aligned”, — said Alexander Kirimov.

It is likely that illegal immigrants do not have long, and if they will cover the drivers there will be no opportunities to save.

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According to Igor Chernyavsky, given that January is the “dead” season, in terms of sales, tankers unload their stocks less active, which means they will last longer.

“In the past, depending on the type of fuel, the party were sold from 10 to 30 days, now it may take not less than 25 days. Everyone looks at their remains, and on this basis chooses the moment when to raise the price”, he added.

According to experts ‘ forecasts, assuming stable world oil prices and the dollar, higher than the current level established by the Ukrainian “NetWorker”, the next two weeks the cost of fuel should not rise.

“If the dollar in Ukraine and world oil prices stabiliziruemost (oil at $52-54 per barrel), we may expect the cost of fuel at gas stations around this spring or summer. Given that about 55% of the price of fuel is taxes, the fuel may go down by a quarter from today’s prices,” predicted Igor Chernyakhovsky.

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