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Experts told, what to look for when renting a car

Специалисты рассказали, на что обращать внимание при аренде автомобиляThe act of acceptance-transfer and obtain insurance coverage

What to look for when renting a car? What are the risks in the rental industry? Who pays for the car in an accident?

To protect yourself from possible risks of unscrupulous companies, experts advise to carefully read the contract and to take copies of all documents, in particular, effective insurance policy that covers all the unpredictable situations — until the destruction of the car.

The cost of rental cars varies greatly depending on the company, so again it is better to perform the rental market to have relevant information.

When choosing a car experts advise that special attention be paid to the year of its release. By European standards the machine must not be older than 2-3 years old with mileage of 100 thousand km away Also be sure to consider the technical characteristics, for example, most foreigners when booking a car prefer manual transmission in order to save.

If the driver is already defined with all parameters of the car, before handing him the keys, transport is required to take pictures and do an inventory. Lawyers make the act of reception-transmission in order to avoid further conflicts with the client. Also You take out insurance: it is already included in the cost of rental when you rent any machine.

If You get in an accident, then it should inform the car hire company. Your responsibility in the standard rent will be the Deposit amount, the rest will cover insurance. There is also a special one-time insurance when you pay which in the event of an accident You do not lose the mortgage money, if properly were insurance case.

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