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Experts told, what mistakes people make on the Internet

Эксперты рассказали, какие ошибки совершают люди в ИнтернетеIt became known that doing not so ordinary Internet users.

Experts of the company ESET conducted a study and found out what cyber threats are often ignored by users of the Network. Information about this appeared in the official blog.

Experts interviewed home users to learn the rules of computer security they break. The most common “bad habit” was the lack of backup data. The creation of backups neglect, 59 percent of respondents.

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The second popular mistake of users was disabling the automatic updates of the operating system. Admitted 34 percent of respondents. Third place in the ranking went to the habit to use the same password for different accounts – 29 percent of respondents.

11 percent of users said that opening attachments received in emails and messages and go through all links indiscriminately. And only 9 percent of survey participants added to the friends of strangers in social networks.

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