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Experts told, what foods cause heartburn

Эксперты рассказали, какие продукты вызывают изжогу10 foods that will cause you heartburn

Alas, for the pleasure of eating is often necessary to pay heartburn and other digestive troubles.

“In a healthy person the heartburn arises. The occurrence of heartburn may indicate problems in the digestive system and be one of the symptoms of various diseases: chronic and acute gastritis, increased gastric acidity, and gastroesophageal reflux (reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus)” — warns nutritionist Natalia Fadeeva.

However without these diseases heartburn can occur if you will break the lower digestive sphincter. This valve, which serves as a “valve” between the stomach and esophagus. Normally it closes completely and allows stomach contents to flow back into the esophagus. But some products put pressure on him – and in the literal sense of the word, and then it stops working as it should. And you complain of burning sensation and pain in the esophagus.

Orange juice. Many believe that it should start a beautiful vacation summer morning in the interiors of the resort. Actually, the orange, like other citrus fruits, contains many organic acids that stimulate the production of gastric juice. So don’t drink it, first, on an empty stomach and after eating. And secondly, don’t drink too much as the constant irritation of the stomach wall with hydrochloric acid, and this is a digestive juice, will inevitably lead to unpleasant sensations.

Beer. It contains hops, which causes the secretion of gastric juice, as well as carbon dioxide, which relaxes the sphincter. Under the pressure of laughing bubbles it opens and throws the gastric juice into the esophagus. By the way, the same effect on the sphincter and have champagne and sweet wines, and even regular soda.

Strawberries, gooseberries and red currants. Oddly enough, they contain large quantities of the same organic acid and citrus fruit, and other berries are considered sour, cranberry, cranberries. And likewise stimulate an increased production of gastric juice. However, the same effect have all unripe fruit. Of course, when the summer such as the present, enjoy each berry, green. But still let them ripen.

Ice cream. Contrary to popular belief, milk does not get rid of heartburn and reduces the acidity. It only temporarily numbs discomfort, and then the heartburn comes back. The fact that milk is a strong stimulant of gastric secretion. Because ice cream contains milk and different fats – it’s too load the digestive system by digesting, so, too, may provoke heartburn.

The kebabs. Red meat — generally a hard product to digest, and if he had prepared the barbecue, the very trouble. Due to the large number of proteins, fat and connective tissue, the body needs more enzymes and bile, in the end, this food is too long, a heavy burden lies in the stomach to stretch its walls. The stomach began to produce juice, which is due to the stretched walls enters the esophagus and causes heartburn.

Brew. This drink is considered an essential attribute of a summer day. And hash, a nice lunch in a hot afternoon. But, alas, they can cause discomfort. Because kvass is the result of fermentation processes, it inevitably provokes flatulence. Gases put pressure on the sphincter that lets food particles and hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Hence – and belching, and heartburn.

Mushrooms. This is a very difficult food to digest. Not by chance that the mushrooms are not recommended for children and people with inflammatory diseases of the digestive system. They also provoke the stagnation of the gastric juice and release it into the esophagus.

Tomatoes. These vegetables irritant is skin – for delicate mucosa of the stomach it is too rough and mechanical damages of its walls. For the same reason, heartburn can cause and eggplant. Moreover, they are usually prepared with spices, which increase the production of gastric juice and only exacerbate the situation. If you know of a tendency to heartburn, it is better to clean the vegetables from the skin.

Cabbage. Salad with fresh cabbage is a dish light and low-calorie. But this vegetable contains a large number of coarse insoluble fiber, the cabbage becomes a powerful stimulator of gastric secretion. And also increases the acidity of gastric juice. To avoid heartburn, do not eat a salad on an empty stomach and take it easy with the portions.

Green onions. Straight from the garden, fresh, strong smell, because it has many essential and sulfur-containing substances. They delight our sense of smell and taste buds, but irritate the walls of the stomach and esophagus.

Can you avoid heartburn?

Of course, if you follow simple rules.

Do not overeat! In a crowded stomach any food will be extremely slow to digest.

Don’t eat on the go. When driving the stomach gets air, which causes belching and heartburn. By the way, if there is too much talking for food, you can swallow too much air with the same consequences.

Do not lie down immediately after eating. Eat – walk. And calories little to spend. And most importantly – the vertical position of the gastric juice will not flow from the stomach into the esophagus.

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