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Experts told the consequences of climate change

Специалисты рассказали, к чему приведет изменение климата Global warming threatens the extinction of species.

A group of climate scientists said that the destruction of the thick area of glaciers in the Arctic will have a catastrophic effect on the population of seals and polar bears.

From the huge glacier in Northern Greenland broke off a very large area, and the researchers said that the rapid depletion of ice is directly related to the process of climate change that is accelerating more and more.

The winds blowing from the Atlantic to the Pacific side of the Arctic, driven by the glaciers from the coast of Greenland, which is home to seals and polar bears. As noted by Professor Cambridge University Peter Wadhams in this region in spring, polar bears come out to hunt, but if the glaciers move, the bears came out of hibernation, will not be a large area for hunting. Soon the bears will have no place to hunt, because they are not able to swim far, said the scientist.

In the summer of current year it already the second case as near Greenland break away large sections of the largest glaciers. In June, a huge iceberg broke off from one of Greenland’s glaciers. Previously, scientists said that the length of this iceberg can reach to 6.5 km.

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