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Experts told than petroleum jelly good for skin

Эксперты рассказали чем вазелин полезен для кожиVaseline – what it is useful for our skin? Listen to what they say beauticians.

Is vaseline any good for our skin? Experts in the field of cosmetology from Germany gave a detailed answer to this question.

In winter, the demand for vaseline in pharmacies increases. Many people use it instead of traditional moisturizers to solve the problems of dry and flaky skin. Quite often, with petroleum jelly to protect the chapped on the cold lips. Vaseline is a mixture of mineral oil and paraffin, and its main ingredient helps to retain moisture by creating a protective water barrier. Vaseline improves skin condition and promotes healing. There are many reasons why vaseline should be recognized that it is useful for our skin.

Vaseline is very effective in healing minor burns, it can significantly reduce the level of itching on areas of skin injury. Application of petroleum jelly soon after a shower as a means of humidification prevents drying of the skin. If in cold weather or Allergy season a person is faced with dryness of the nose, and here to the aid can come vaseline. Beauticians also recommend to omit the feet in warm water with some salt, then wipe them with a towel and apply vaseline, then put on clean cotton socks. This is a very effective remedy for cracked heels.

Vaseline can be used as a cream for hands. Human skin is a mixture of different oils and water, which allows it to preserve the softness and elasticity. But excessive hand-washing leads to dryness and irritation of the skin, which can cause diseases such as eczema, as well as speed up the natural aging process. Contained in vaseline oil solves these problems, maintaining the proper level of humidity. Thus don’t be afraid that you will have too oily hands, because to achieve the effect of quite a very small amount of vaseline that dries quickly.

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