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Experts told how to wash a car

Experienced drivers claim, if the layer of mud on the car is impressive.

In the warm season, many drivers prefer to wash their cars on their own stations or self-service in the yard, using car care products. However, not all shampoos for a car are equally useful.

According to experts, it is first necessary to determine whether it is necessary before applying the shampoo to the body to expose the car to water procedures. Experienced drivers claim, if the layer of mud on the car is impressive, it is better to knock it down to give the car to dry and then apply the foam. If the car is covered with a thin layer of dust, it is possible to do without prior water treatment.

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Experts claim that diluted with water detergent needs to be in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements. Apply shampoo to the body from top to bottom, the same sequence must be followed when washing foam.

Experienced cleaners suggest to withstand chemicals on the body for 1-2 minutes, experts of “Avtosklad” came to the conclusion that a more effective wash, you should wait for 3-4 minutes, since the self-service car washes there is a risk that the detergent is too diluted with water.

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If an expected effect is not achieved, experts advise to wash off the foam and repeat the procedure. Experienced chauffeurs will assure that, “overexposed” chemistry on the body, you can damage the paintwork, since the content of alkaline and acidic components that are corrosive paint to detergent to determine by eye is almost impossible.

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