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Experts told about the main shortcomings of the iPhone X

Специалисты рассказали о главных недостатках iPhone XYou need to know.

iPhone X is the best smartphone ever released by Apple and could be the best smartphone of 2017. However, like its competitors, and earlier models, iPhone X, after all, imperfect. Happy owners of high-end “Apple” gadget will definitely can’t get enough of the new toy, however there are a few things that are very annoying.

The experts reviewed 9 things that most enrage the iPhone X.

iPhone X too slippery

Receiving the coveted gadget, many users immediately buy a case for it. However, there are many those who prefer to do without the case. With iPhone X is very difficult, because the phone is incredibly slippery. Due to its rounded edges, the size and weight it is difficult to avoid frequent falls. If you do not to drop him, he will definitely slip out of your pocket. So, if you care for your gadget, get a reliable case.

On iPhone X easily gets scratched

It seems that without the cover X iPhone can not do nothing. Stainless steel bezel can be scratched very easily, so it is better to get a cover. Even in the case scratches on frame iPhone X appear as fast as on a metal frame for iPhone 3G and beveled edges of the iPhone 5. Of course, it’s not deep furrows, and only light scratches on the surface, but they are very noticeable if you look closely.

Face ID does not make life easier

Function unlock device using face scanner many liking. Face ID is easier to use compared to Touch ID and, according to Apple, is much safer. However, some functions still work best with Touch ID. The process of confirming payments through Apple Pay by using Face ID to many it may seem too onerous.

Double tap the power button not so familiar, like double tap on the Home button. In addition, if you touch the smartphone to the terminal too fast, the Face ID may not be enough time for facial recognition. In the end, the queue at the supermarket stall while you look at your iPhone X again to try to pay with Apple Pay. Stuck in line, buyers will start to freak out, and the cashier will ask you to pay cash. In General, no one will be impressed with your expensive gadget.

Difficult to get to “control”

Many users a hundred times a day, go to the “control Point” (the only way to see battery percentage), but with iPhone X it is a mere headache. You need to first swipe from the top right corner that is very difficult, if you use a smartphone with one hand, especially the left. If your hands are normal size, have to work carefully to stretch the fingers to reach the top right corner (see first paragraph). Still access to the “control Point” from the bottom of the screen a lot easier.

The inability to customize the indicators on the status bar

IPhone X the ability to customize the display percentage battery on the status bar is not provided. And in General, any way to customize the status bar in the new smartphone is impossible. If you want to see the battery level in percentage, please open the “control Point” (see paragraph above).

Some users, for example, there is no need to see the signal strength of Wi-Fi or cellular, but the iPhone X displays the data all the time. It would be nice to choose indicators for panel status.

IPhone X closing applications takes too much time

Why the iPhone X you can’t just brush off the unnecessary app in the application switcher? It’s so easy and, moreover, facilitates the closing of several programs. Swipe to switch apps in iPhone X does nothing.

You have to press and hold the app icon, then tap the red circle that appears. If you want to close multiple programs, the above steps need to do for each of them.

Portrait mode is not working as I would like

Many users footage shown at the presentation of iPhone X, has made too strong an impression. It might seem like a novelty shoots a hundred times better than professional cameras, but it is not. From dozens of pictures taken in portrait mode (Portrait Mode), real quality can be two or three (especially the front camera). When shooting in this mode, the object edges become indistinct and merge with the background or become “fuzzy”. Most likely, in the future Apple will fix this with the release of updates for the software.

X is missing in the iPhone dark theme

Now iOS like never before you want dark theme. OLED display iPhone X consumes much less power when displaying dark images. This is because unlike LCD, OLED displays are able to illuminate each pixel individually, instead of dark pixels to light is not required. That is why the user interface of the Apple Watch so dark. The dark background is a lot less energy and saves battery power. Given the size of the iPhone display X, you can only imagine how much the charge would be preserved, have iOS 11 dark theme.

iOS not working correctly

Three months after the release of the mobile OS from Apple is still crawling with bugs. Cupertinos not working tirelessly to fix the most serious of them, but even in iOS 11.2, there are still mistakes.

App crash or not open. Strange things happen with the UI for no apparent reason turns off wifi, etc. Such things are inexcusable for a multi-billion dollar company like Apple. Still from the gadget for $1 thousand. expect more.

What users love iPhone X

Despite all of the above, users love the iPhone X. every smartphone has its drawbacks, but each generation makes possible that which was not allowed earlier models.

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The battery life of the iPhone X is impressive, the cameras allow you to take great pictures and shoot great video, and the software is very easy to use.

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