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Experts: to rent housing will become more expensive

Эксперты: арендовать жилье станет дорожеThe government plans to tighten tax rules for rental housing, as well as control of payment of utility payments

Ukrainians are waiting for new rules of rental apartments – the Cabinet has decided to fight with the shadow rent, it is now illegal for rent of 70% rented housing.

Experts warned Today that out of the shadows will force landlords to raise prices and stop to make some concessions to the tenants.

For example, immediately after Ukraine has jumped the cost of utilities, apartment owners at first did not give the tenants any “discounts”. Only after the fall of demand, landlords started to offer assistance with subsidy and lower monthly rent.

If the government will toughen control over payment of taxes, the situation could be repeated, predicts the Chairman of the Committee of the Association of real estate professionals Edward brazas. But all will be governed by demand.

“While the settlement, which they say in the Ministry, is unclear. But from experience, government intervention is not a factor that normalizes the relations between the clients. So I don’t have any expectations. Under the current legislation it is possible to have good, cultured and quite the business relationship. The fact that the parties do not use these opportunities, does not mean that this can be resolved by amendments to the law”, – said Brazas.

To bring the market out of the shadows, at least in part, could decrease the tax, experts say. Although he now is not so great. In Parliament there is bill No. 4909, which proposes to take with a tenant only 5% of income for rent.

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