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Experts: the law on waste incineration plants meets the interests of Rostec

Эксперты: принятый закон о мусоросжигательных заводах отвечает интересам «Ростеха»

Today, 17 December, the state Duma meeting during the consideration of the second reading of the bill on a payment for negative impact on the environment supported the amendment, which prohibits burning waste to produce useful particles.

According to TASS, the amendment provides “the use of municipal solid waste as a renewable source of energy (secondary energy resources) after extraction from them of useful components at processing objects”. She was made head of the Federation Council Committee on agrarian and food policy and environmental management Alexey Mayorov.

“The Senator proposes to ban energy utilization, in other words, the burning of those wastes, which were not selected all the useful fraction. This is a very important point because we are talking about energy recovery, which produces either heat or electrical energy. And is a special caveat that before that from the waste should be extracted useful fractions, they should be treated, and to burn will be the only remaining so-called “tails”,” — said the Chairman of the Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov, presenting the document.

Another novel, continued the MP, for the introduction of mandatory energy expertise of the respective incineration capacity at the stage of project documentation.

Meanwhile, how to write “Open media”, the law was passed in haste. Before it was approved by two of the profile Committee of the lower house of Parliament, and a little earlier — and the Main legal Department of the President, which for several days have criticized the document.

According to the authors of the publication, the amendments equate the disposal of waste to incineration in waste incineration plants, which is contrary to international practice and, in addition, gives the possibility to Finance the construction of waste incineration plants due to the environmental charge. However, given the public outcry, the latest version of the project, it was clarified that not allowed to burn all the garbage and only pre-sorted — these amendments gave the presidential lawyers.

During the discussion in the state Duma the amendments made by the deputies from “Fair Russia” Valery Hartung and Anatoly Greshnevikov. They noted that the document was adopted hastily and without broad public discussion. “No such laws make the move, skipping the procedures for discussion, such as parliamentary hearings!” — outraged Hartung.

As a result, amendments to the bill on the recognition of incineration waste management, which passed the second reading, the deputies approved by majority of votes: for and 76% against 12.9 percent.

According to some experts, the law is clearly in the interests of one of the largest players in the market garbage — the state Corporation “rostec”, whose “daughter” — “RT-invest” (General Director Andrey Shipilov) has plans for the construction of mucoregulatory plants: four in the Moscow region and one in Tatarstan.

Recall that the intention of Kazan “RT-invest” to build such a plant was encountered mass protests of local residents. In Zelenodolsk district, the activists camped. Local residents demanded of the public ecological expertise.

According to public men, from the builders hands there is no permission. In addition, there are issues to resolve by cutting down trees.

The activists wrote complaints to the Prosecutor and the police, but the construction continued. From late November they began to interfere with the movement of construction equipment, then the operation started at night. In this regard, opponents of the plant decided to break the round-the-clock campground, which was called “Ties-2”.

After the dispersal of the camp by the riot police, the Network appeared a petition demanding the resignation of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The appeal says that the head of the region personally responsible for the crackdown on the tent camp, for the lack of dialogue with citizens and for violation of their constitutional rights.

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