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Experts tell us what things most bacteria

Эксперты рассказали, на каких вещах больше всего бактерийBecame known what the thing in the house contains more bacteria than a toilet.

British scientists conducted an analysis of gloves for a variety of bacteria and compared with the results of analysis of bacteria in the bathroom. It turns out that the toilet is not the dirtiest place in the house.

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Experts analyzed the polyester, leather and wool gloves among 1500 people.

The method scientists have shown that the average value of the number of germs on the toilet seat is 220. At that time, such as gloves contained up to 1000. That is, the gloves contained up to five times more bacteria than a toilet.

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The study found that one in seven people never wash gloves. And two-thirds did so once a month or less.

Despite this, scientists assure: dirty gloves are unlikely to cause serious disease but they can transmit different germs.

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