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Experts tell should you buy car warranty

Эксперты рассказали, нужно ли покупать автомобильную гарантию About the benefits this opportunity is debatable.

Dealerships often offer car buyers the so-called “extended warranty”, arguing that it is very useful. The experts decided to find out how useful the “extended warranty” and whether it is necessary at all.

Americans when buying a car, dealers can use the “extended warranty”. Of course, for the extra money, and often quite large. For this, the dealer assumes the obligation to service the car, whatever damage had not happened. This service is popular.

“Extended warranties” may be offered both by the manufacturer and a third party company. Both types of guarantees may be the dealer. It is important to know exactly who provides the warranty – the automaker or a third-party company. If you buy a car at the dealership Ford or Toyota, does not mean that they give you the “extended warranty”. Find out how car owners are satisfied with this service dealer.

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Make sure that the terms of the contract will be performed at the dealer where you bought the car. If he has developed a network of garages? If a tow truck if your car breaks down? If not, then why the “extended warranty”?

American motorists often complain that the terms of the contract “extended warranty” is not very clear. So read carefully, even if the text is written in very small print, which you are invited.

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Think, whether such guarantee will save you money? I still need to carefully calculate and consider. Remember that modern cars are quite reliable. Many of them have no serious problems. In addition, the “extended warranty” will not help with tire replacement or brake pads, which over time wear out.

We also recommend to pay attention to the experts Consumer Reports, organizations, safeguard the interests of consumers that “extended warranty” is useless.

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