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Experts tell how to get rid of “spy” Google

Эксперты рассказали, как избавиться от "слежки" GoogleAs I’m sure to get rid of the burden of surveillance by the search giant.

How did you find the journalists of the Associated Press, a double interpretation of its own privacy policy allowing Google to freely monitor the users, even if they are manually turned off geolocation tracking.

– If you are opposed to Google had even brief access to your location information, you can prevent snooping by configuring the privacy settings properly;

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– Go to “Settings” – Google – “Google” – “Data and personalization”;

– There you will see a tab called “activity Tracking”, which includes a list of services that allow Google to collect information about your activity on the Network.

– Open “app and search” and disable it, and then do the same under “location History”.

Of course, in doing so, you risk losing the old comfort level when interacting with Google services.

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For example, Google now will be less willing to find the desired content, and provide interesting recommendations.

In addition, changes in privacy settings can not 100% guarantee, complicating your life, you will still be able to avoid surveillance by Google, which probably has other monitoring tools.

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