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Experts tell how to choose house plant

Эксперты рассказали, как правильно выбрать домашнее растениеNot so easy is to choose the right plant for the home.

In the pursuit of beauty on the window sills Housewives from time to time forget about the dangers that can be caused by the same flowering plants. In particular, there are seven houseplants that are absolutely not recommended by doctors.

First, it is a geranium. It helps to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects, but during heavy flowering the fragrance of the plant becomes poisonous.

In the second place, Lily. Again, the problem is the smell. The plant will not let you fall asleep quickly at night.

Third, fern. Don’t smell?! And all because the flower absorbs oxygen.

Fourthly, orchids. It is a source of insomnia.

Fifth, Mimosas. Interestingly, it triggers hair loss.

Sixth, the oleander. Dizziness and stress – the root cause will be this plant.

Seventh, the hydrangea. Poisons from this plant cause allergies on the skin.

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