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Experts tell how to change prices on the real estate market

Эксперты рассказали, как изменятся цены на рынке недвижимостиDue to promotions and loyalty programs the primary real estate market holds the palm.

The real estate market in Ukraine is alive. Activity increased by 50%. This was stated by the expert in the field of real estate Anatoly Topal. The activity of buyers and sellers is observed in the primary and secondary markets.

In February demand has increased by 50% in comparison with January. According to experts, this activity was a result of cheaper housing. He believes that the appetite of the owners began to meet the expectations of customers.

The primary market, according to Topal, will rise in price. This is due to the increase in the minimum wage and the price of building materials. However, the growth of square meter in the new building will be offset by mortgage and stock from developers.

The situation on the secondary market — just the opposite. To date, there is a decrease in the cost of housing in the homes of old buildings by 10-15%. This suggests that sellers have tempered their appetites, and prices began to meet the expectations of buyers of apartments.

In this case the primary market keeps the demand vector by the possibility of buying in installments or on credit. Most of these installments are closed in the first 1.5 years after the sale of the apartment. However, the share of contracts of sale of square meters on the installment plan or loan is 70%.

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