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Experts suggested how to start a diet

Эксперты подсказали, как правильно начать диетуTo the diet need to prepare.

If you really want to lose weight and keep the result for a start, create a detailed plan of action, suggest nutritionists.

1. MAKE A LIST OF TASKS - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

To lose weight and keep the result needed serious motivation. Think about why you need to lose weight, and write down a list of reasons on a piece of paper or record it in the phone memory. What you want to change and improve, dropping weight? Want to impress everyone at the next reunion? To regain your confidence? Wear clothes that you really like? To see admiration in the eyes of others? To lower cholesterol and sugar? The more important reason that makes you change the way of life, the more likely it is that you are consistent. Define your main goals and remember them every time you have to give up chocolate chip cookies or French fries.


You see the numbers on the scale, and your heart freezes in terror. How much?! Have you gained six pounds?! But really important not only the result of weighing. Very often it is the obsession with pounds makes women abandon healthy lifestyle a few weeks or a few hours after the decision. What other information need to take into account to make a competent plan to reduce weight?

Circumference of chest, waist and hips.

Size clothing.


The time during which you can run/quick pass one kilometer.

The number of push-UPS and squats that you can do in one set.

The results of the blood test.

Record your source information, and you can see first results, even if weight remains unchanged. Your blood pressure’s normal? The cholesterol level dropped? You become more resilient? All these intermediate victories will help you keep motivated.


Be prepared for the fact that not all relatives will be delighted to meet your desire to change. The husband may be offended that you didn’t keep him company, when before bed he wants to drink beer and eat a bag of chips. Mom will get upset when you refuse the third potato pie, and my mother in law to take as a personal insult the fact that you now prefer not Olivier, and green salad. So try to find people to whom you can turn for help and support. Your team should be:

Someone you can call a friend in misfortune: it is a friend or a neighbor who is also trying to lose weight and will go along with you on a walk in the Park or ride a bike around the neighborhood.

One who will appreciate your successes: this is the person you can call and boast of the results.

Someone you can emulate: ideally, it’s familiar, who carefully monitor the health and nutrition. They always know what kind of oil for salad most useful and which bread contains the most fibre. Observe and take note of!

Someone who can share the experience: this is a friend who successfully got rid of the excess weight and keeps the result. Is it possible to share doubts, she is not ashamed to complain of hard life, she always share advice. She knows how hard you have to, because she herself had faced similar problems.

Take your time, choosing to support group and not seek the advice of those friends who usually say: “Why are you torturing yourself? Once live, you need to have fun! Let’s have another piece of cake?”


Admit to ourselves that the only reason you couldn’t lose weight before is you. And of course, the excuses and justifications that allow you to endlessly postpone the changes. What have you said to yourself? I have no money on the card in the fitness club. I have nowhere to run in the mornings because there is no Park, and to run down the street, where over-revving the car, is just silly. I don’t have any extra minutes, I can’t cook for yourself separately. Write down each of these excuses, and then think about how you can get rid of them. Yes, the money for expensive fitness club not now. But surely it is possible to download a set of exercises from the Internet and do at home for free.


Few people think that starting a diet, you need to change not only food, but also thoughts. Every time in my experience the thought “I’ll never lose weight”, make a conscious effort and say to yourself “Let it not easy, but I still can. I want to be beautiful, young and healthy.” If you initially do not believe in your strength, you can’t change? Try to replace negative thoughts and statements with positive affirmations (statements). Don’t tell my girlfriend: “I will not eat fast food, I can’t have burgers and fries”. Say: “I prefer a salad of green vegetables and fruit juice”. In this respect, you have no restrictions, but there are your own smart choice.


Take a trash bag and fold it those harmful products, from which you recover. You are not sure what kind of products? Start with the obvious. Chips, crackers, sweet biscuits, chocolates, processed foods, soda, packaged juices, alcoholic beverages – all this needs to be removed from sight. In addition, get rid of what you usually eat too much. You open a big chocolate bar and can’t stop until it finish? You always take a second (and sometimes third) helping of ice cream? These products also should not be in your home. Throwing food away is not easy, especially if your children and husband also enjoy them eat. Maybe you will be able to persuade the family to his side and convincing to everyone else refused the chips and Cola, at least for a while? If this is not possible, keep all harmful, fat and calories in a separate box and treat these products like garments of your household are kept in the cabinets. Yes, these things are on the shelf next to yours, but they don’t belong to you and you do not use them.


You have a sports uniform which fits you well? And sneakers, which is convenient to do? Maybe you need a cookbook which will help to develop new healthy meals? Or should I buy a scale for food? Buy something that will help you lose weight, and will create an additional incentive for employment.


You may think this is premature, but worth thinking about what you will do when you reach the desired. Many women seeing on the scale is a cherished figure, then decide that now they can do everything – after all the efforts have a reward! You start eating burgers, encouraging yourself to double servings of dessert and pepperoni, and as a result your jeans fastened again with difficulty.

Think about how to please yourself, but keep in mind that these pleasures should not conflict with your new – healthy!- way of life. Maybe you buy yourself three new dresses? Or does splurging on a subscription to the gym? After all the efforts you do need to reward yourself.

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