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Experts suggested how to save the result at the end of the diet

Эксперты подсказали, как сохранить результат по окончанию диетыKeep the desired weight is no easy task.

It would seem that there is nothing harder than to lose weight. Actually, the most difficult is to maintain such a long-awaited desired weight. Not to relax and not to get hateful extra pounds will help the recommendations of nutritionists.

Cherished numbers on the scale, and the storm of joy! I want to eat something delicious and to congratulate ourselves for this achievement. But it is not necessary to do this. After the diet comes the important step is to save the result.

Now most of the diets designed for the very small number of calories. It turns out that during the diet, your body starves, loses an important and much needed vitamins and minerals. Food when such diets are balanced, which leads to the desire to eat after the hunger strike. The body requires to fill the shortage of nutrients.

Diet an unbalanced diet will give quick results on the scales. However, to rejoice in him is not necessary, because the weight loss is due to the reduction of muscle mass, and this slows down the metabolic rate. The results can be obtained by the following process: desired weight – joy – lunch with a variety of sharp and inevitable weight gain.

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In order to properly lose weight you need to set a goal. First and foremost, you should lose weight for yourself. When this is understood and realized, the result will be achieved easily and quickly. And all because when the person loses weight for themselves, he rebuilds not only thinking, but also feeding behavior.

Not just nutritionists say that the diet should become a way of life. You must learn to control himself and learn self-discipline. To be in the desired weight and tone should try to cope with stress, daily positive emotions actively and move a lot, as well as moderately and eat right.

Not adhering to these principles you can get into a vicious cycle of continuous weight loss and new weight gain. But such experiments will not pass in vain for health. Such jumps have lead to the failure of hormonal background, the menstrual cycle, which entails a serious disease which is difficult to fight.

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To save the resulting weight result will help only the new program of eating behavior. It is best to contact an experienced dietitian, who will help you to lose weight and keep the weight off. Food habits need to change once, not several times a year. Before settling on a particular way of eating, you need to examine it for effectiveness and health benefits.

We all have our favorite dishes that I want to eat after dieting. It is quite possible to do without compromising the shape. Just need a small trick. You need to take the usual batch of your favorite Goodies and separated from it by the third part for themselves. Eat this in the morning after the main meal.

We must remember not only about food but also about water. Be sure to follow the daily quantity of its use.

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