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Experts suggested how to remove under eye circles

Эксперты подсказали, как "убрать" круги под глазами Dark circles under the eyes significantly spoil the appearance of the person.

Most creams for the skin around the eyes, prevent wrinkles and moisturize the skin, but few of them are able to cope with dark circles under the eyes.

There is an opinion that stress and fatigue are the main causes for dark circles under the eyes.

However, apart from this reason, there are others:

bad habits (Smoking, alcohol abuse);
various kidney disease, hypoxia, cardiovascular disease, allergies;
lack of sleep;
improper diet and many others, and finally, the age that is aging.

And yet, as dark circles?

Dark circles appear as a result of leaky capillaries, i.e., on the same principle as the bruises when we hit on something. Thin, almost translucent skin around the eyes contains many capillaries that are narrow enough for the passage of red blood cells.

The thickness of the skin under the eyes and the strength of the capillaries all have different, and is a hereditary property. The reasons listed above, disturb blood circulation, leading to the appearance of dark circles.

You do not sleep, enough sleep. What happens in the body? In these cases violated the process of tear production, the eyes become dry. You Wake up and begin to RUB them. But this can not be done. Thus, you activate the production of melanin (you are already familiar with it), increased pigmentation, that is, formed dark circles under the eyes. During sleepless nights is disturbed and the microcirculation of the blood, and these are the same circles under the eyes.

What cause each of us to identify easy. First, you yourself know that your life is going wrong, and secondly, the color of the spots can give away your secrets.

1. Very dark, almost black, spots chronic fatigue and blood stasis.

2. Yellowish spots – disorders of the liver or gallbladder.

3. Almost blue – cardiovascular disease, hypoxia, lack of iron in the blood.

4. Brown – violation of circulation of blood or increased pigmentation of the skin.

How to remove dark circles under eyes at home?

Unfortunately, this is not always possible by simple means. First of all, you need to resolve the causes of this problem.

The most difficult spots – spots that are formed with age, when the blood circulation and metabolism worse.

And yet, the talk now is not about miracle creams, which are not, but the most common household ways to improve blood circulation.

Try a simple procedure – lymphatic drainage, which will help to stimulate blood circulation.

A day RUB the body dry brush. It is necessary to use a soft brush made of natural fibers. Start from the feet. Long sweeping strokes from the bottom up – from hands to the shoulders, the body up to the heart.

Thus, we direct, but rather accelerated the movement of lymph, which helps to improve circulation and lymph and blood. Directions must be strictly adhered to, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect.

After rubbing, take a shower. This procedure may be contraindicated for those who have malignancy. Therefore, first consult your doctor.

When you have finished the procedure and take a shower, get out of the fridge two slices of cucumber, lie down and put these slices on the closed eyes. Enough to lie down for 5 minutes. Cucumber refreshes, hydrates and whitens the skin.

You can apply tea bags soaked in water. Green tea helps to remove from the body excess fluid. For external use, reduces swelling and helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Include in your procedure to remove dark spots daily relaxation exercises. The results will be noticeable in two months. Slow? But perhaps that concealer cream, you no longer need.

External means may be composed of kojic, ferulic, betulinic acid, bearberry extract, arbutin, Niacinamide, vitamin C and glucosamine. Such funds are also gradually accustoming the skin cells under the eyes to produce less pigment.

All natural brighteners skin is very delicate, so quick results don’t wait. Be patient for two or three months.

Along with the listed resources and policies apply antioxidant products that contain vitamin E. Such remedies stimulate the activity of fibroblasts in the dermis and promote skin tightening.

In addition, remember that good sleep is the best medicine. Wipe the skin around the eyes with ice cubes, but not keep in one place for more than 3 seconds.

The cold strengthens blood vessels. Cubes prepare the infusion of herbs is especially good infusions parsley, chamomile or sage.

Rethink your diet. Be careful when removing makeup. Know that eye rubbing is impossible. The occurrence of even microscopic wounds on the eyelids can cause the appearance of dark spots. Use sunscreen and sunglasses.

Don’t forget that fitness will also help in this problem. After all that, no matter how fitness, improves circulation?

Do exercises for the eyes.

For example:

Blinked eyes – slowly at first, then faster and faster and very quickly. Zazhmurte. Repeat the blinking.

Focus your eyes on a distant object, then move to the middle. Do this several times.

Look up, ahead, down, ahead, up, etc.
Look left, ahead, right, etc.

Make circular rotation of the eyes clockwise, then against.
Complete your training as a twink.

One of the best masks for the eyes is the mask of the infusion of parsley.

The infusion is prepared as follows: pour into a saucepan the water, let it boil. Once the water started boiling, place a handful of parsley (fresh or dried), cover and remove from heat. Allow to stand for. Now you can use it.

Soak two gauze or disks, place on eyes and rest quietly for 10 to 15 minutes. Can use relaxation techniques.

Parsley can not insist, but simply to grind her herbs and put on the eyelids, covering them with gauze pad soaked in water. In this case, lie down for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Mask of sage. The infusion is prepared the same way as the infusion of parsley. If the grass is dry, the Cup of boiling water enough teaspoon of sage. When the solution has cooled, divide it into two parts. One in the refrigerator, the second preheat. Once the first part has cooled down, start doing the compresses. Put soaked cotton pads alternately from a solution of warm sage, then cold. This procedure can be done for 10 to 15 minutes.

And finally, potato mask. Grate a fresh potato and put the resulting slurry on the lower eyelid, through the gauze. This mask can be done with the addition of the potato a little flour and milk (one teaspoon). Keep the mask can be 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The use of special cosmetic products is not less important condition for the care of the skin around the eyes, but more on that another time.

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