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Experts suggested how to prepare your car for summer

Эксперты подсказали, как подготовить машину к летуDon’t forget to check the tire pressure

How to make a summer trip to the country safe and what exactly you should pay attention before beginning the hot season.

The first and most obvious tip — tyre change from winter to summer with the arrival of the warm season.

In addition, don’t forget to check the tire pressure — at low pressure the wheel can explode on turn or overcoming the obstacle. Indicator tyre pressure should be recorded in the instruction manual of the car. Try to regularly check the pressure, as well as “the eye” before each trip.

Check brake system

The operation of the brake is directly connected with the security they deserve special attention. If, after winter operations, heard the creaking, rattling, felt the pulsation of the brakes will most likely need professional help. It is important to check the level of brake fluid — change it is necessary not less than two times per year.


Winter — a difficult test for everyone. Subzero temperature affects lubricants. Experts recommend checking the condition of the oil by the dipstick. Filled with liquid should have a light yellow color.


High plus and low minus — stress for the car. It may be overheating, not to get upset and even break down. To avoid this, you need a responsible approach to the choice of coolant for the car, and then time to check the status of the cooling system, mounts, hoses, and so on.

Power steering

As you know, the power steering (Gur) is responsible for the ease of driving — whether driving on the highway and maneuvering up to extreme situations when you need to hold the correct trajectory of the vehicle. It is essential to diagnose the condition of the system, to maintain and check the level of the fluid and the timing belt.

It is recommended that the fluid replacement power steering twice a year, in summer and winter respectively, as well as in cases where there are changes in liquid properties (color, appearance suspended matter, sediment), increasing effort on the steering wheel, and the noise in the end positions.

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