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Experts suggested how to keep the car on Ukrainian roads

Эксперты подсказали, как уберечь мотор автомобиля на украинских дорогахEngine repair and related nodes is considered to be one of the most problematic and expensive.

On our roads, and protecting the engine compartment – not a whim, but a real necessity. Even if you drive exclusively on paved areas, the risk of damage to the motor bike.

If you, like most Ukrainian drivers have to occasionally ride on country roads, the engine compartment protection is needed all the more. Engine repair and related nodes is considered to be one of the most problematic and expensive. And from it nobody is insured, regardless of the manner of driving and experience of driving.

Things to remember when buying protection
Make your choice consciously. And purchase the right protection you need from the first time. To select the option which will help out in a difficult situation, let’s advance define the essential requirements to the system.

The engine crankcase and the engine compartment often has a “regular” defense, a boot. And even if your car it is still worth to purchase additional protection. It will protect not only against mechanical damage but also dust, dirt, water.

If you put protection over the top of the boot, it should not copy but complement it. Otherwise, the total weight of the structure can go too big. Put the defense to cover the most vulnerable nodes in the compartment.

If the boot has vents, the defense they also have to be not to rise the oil temperature at high loads.

Choosing between solid protection and a model consisting of a few panels, prefer the second. It is much lighter and easier. For example, when changing the oil or SOMETHING with the transmission.

Material motor protection

The main characteristics of the protection depends on the material from which it is made, and the method of its processing.

Steel. Traditional, as well as the tested material. Due to the powder coating, which is applied in a special process, the steel is protected from corrosion, resistant to mechanical damage.

Aluminum alloy. Also has a good margin of safety, and at the same time lighter than steel. It is particularly important that when hitting the aluminum protection, not having a spark. In addition, it is noiseless, because when you drive not vibrating.

Composite. The silent option, because the peculiarities of its structure, and the presence of special pads and shock absorbers reduces vibration to almost none. Aerodynamic air scoops that are used in the composite protection, do not allow the engine components to overheat.

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