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Experts shared effective ways for the expulsion of parasites

Эксперты поделились эффективными способами изгнания паразитовFollowing these instructions, you will easily cope with this scourge.

In parasitic diseases, if the treatment medication is contraindicated, is not desirable due to concomitant diseases or allergies to medications, your doctor may prescribe a plant-based fees. They cleanse and strengthen the body, strengthen the immune system.

Some of the most popular recommendations for antihelminthic therapy folk remedies.

Recipe 1

You can prepare the infusion of oak bark, and buckthorn, wormwood, tansy (all equally), brew 1 teaspoon collection Cup of boiling water. Drink 0.5 cups in the morning and evening for 6 days. On the 7th day on an empty stomach to eat 300 g of pumpkin seeds with infusion of oak bark, and buckthorn (0.5 teaspoon per 100 ml of boiling water).

Recipe 2

It is useful to use the scheme to food triad walnut, wormwood and cloves: the black walnut tincture with 1 drop to 5 (daily by adding 1 drop), 0.5 cups of water. On the 6th day — 2 teaspoons to 1 Cup of water, then this dose 1 time per week; wormwood powder with water and gradually increasing the dose (1st day 1/5 of a teaspoon, on 4-th day — 0.5 teaspoon, on the 14th of 0.5 tablespoon who drink 2-3 hours, then 0.5 tablespoon 1 time per week; clove powder the same but three times a day, after the 10th day 1 teaspoon 1 time a week.

Recipe 3

The well-known triad Ivanchenko includes tansy powder (1 g), tarragon (0.2 g), cloves (0.5 g) or yarrow (1 g). This dose is taken before meals daily, increasing to three, then once a week for several months (to a year).

Recipe 4

You can do a tincture of garlic (mashed 5 medium heads on 0,5 l of vodka), which take 30 drops with water half an hour before meals 3-4 days. Treatment of Supplement taking a laxative.

Recipe 5

From tapeworms: 300 g peeled pumpkin seeds (keeping with the green shell), triturated and mixed with 100 g of honey or jam. In the morning on an empty stomach, not getting out of bed, mix to eat in the next hour. After 3 hours, take a saline laxative (magnesium sulfate, or sodium), in half an hour — do an enema (1-1. 5 l of water at room temperature). It is possible after a chair. Put an enema every morning and 2 days before the start of treatment seeds. And on the eve of the use of seeds in the evening take a saline laxative.

Recipe 6

With round worms before treatment tsitvarnaya wormwood take at night saline laxative. In the first and second days of the course three times for 1.5–2 hours before meals swallow 5 g (1 teaspoon) tsitvarnaya seed with water. The night after the final dose drink a laxative.

Recipe 7

Against round worms suitable mixture of powder of dried leaves and berries of mistletoe (0.5 g) with the roots of Valerian (1 year). Taking this single dose daily for 3 days, eating fresh carrots.

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