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Experts said he is waiting for bitcoin in the near future

Эксперты рассказали, что ждет bitcoin в ближайшем будущемFinanciers look to predict the behavior of cryptocurrency.

Almost exactly a year ago one bitcoin gave about 580 dollars. Add the word “only” the hand is not rotated, since the exchange rate against the us dollar can not boast of any one currency in the world. Now the cryptocurrency is trading close to 5 000 dollars: but will there be a limit?

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As written by experts, the next few years, the cost of bitcoin will only grow and by the end of 2020 will be around 15-20 thousand dollars. The portal leads with reference to the statement analyst Ronnie moss. The latter have distinguished accurate forecasts of the leading cryptocurrency, including Ethereum and Ripple.

Recently the capitalization of the bitcoin is already close to 80 billion dollars — almost 40 % of the capitalization of one of the leading payment systems Visa. Therefore, to doubt the experts ‘ forecasts is the number of transactions is growing by the minute, and the number of bitcoins increases by 1728 units per day.

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