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Experts refute the most popular myths about iOS

Эксперты опровергли самые популярные мифы об iOSTen myths about iOS, about which it’s time to forget

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones, and iOS is the second most popular mobile operating system.

And, of course, around her, as around any other popular system, there are many myths, some were faithful before, but have no relation to reality now. Some do initially built from incorrect assumptions, and lack of myths, invented by fans of Android and also has nothing to do with reality. And in this article we’ll talk about these myths.

1. For iPhone no batteries with increased capacity.

Past (and now) at the various shopping venues such as AliExpress you can stumble on batteries for the iPhone in a beautiful package and with capacity is often more than double the original battery. Of course, no magic was not – under the cover hiding the battery, in the best case, b/u original. The users who bought such a miracle and often received even less Autonomous, and created the rule – “of the batteries with increased capacity for iPhone no.”

However, a few years ago, some firms, such as Craftmann and Nohon, began to produce batteries with the capacity of 10-20% more than the original. Then again, there was no magic, but for other reasons – this battery is banal a little thicker, and it allows them to have a greater capacity. Of course, installation problems with this, because the thickness is more just a millimeter, and hardware and software tests performed by various customers confirm that the capacity iPhone do more and live longer.

2. Background apps better close – this will increase the battery life.

Hot battles on the theme of “close – to close” continues to this day, but if you remember how iOS works, the subject of the dispute disappears. So, in the background can only work players, download and calls all other programs when minimized “freeze” and stop wasting energy. So no point to close them no more – at the re-opening going to spend quite a lot of energy.

But that really can significantly affect the battery, so this is the background updating of content – it allows the programs to not sleep and to perform various actions – for example, in the case of cloud drives to constantly check to see if something new. Disable content updates for most programs that don’t need it, may be enough to significantly increase the battery life.

3. On iOS without jailbreak you can not put apps not from the App Store.

Quite an old myth – Yes, indeed, five years ago this was not possible. Now, however, anyone can put on almost any app on your iPhone or iPad for a week, using Cydia Impactor, and it will work fine. And if you have macOS and a developer certificate, any third-party application can be signed for a year.

4. On iOS there are viruses.

Very tenacious myth, to the extent that in the App Store have anti-virus software. In fact, again, it is sufficient to understand how it works iOS to understand that neither viruses nor anti-viruses to work on it can’t. The thing is that each app lives in its container, in principle, not having access neither to system, nor to other applications and, therefore, you can almost safely put any app from the App Store, the worst thing they can do is sign you up for an expensive subscription, nothing more. As for the anti – Apple they are no different from the other programs, and, therefore, are its container and to hold the scanning system can not, therefore is not effective.

5. On iOS it makes sense to clear the cache.

IOS is built quite convenient mechanism: if the amount of free space goes to zero megabytes, then the system starts to clear the cache. Therefore, all cleaners essentially work in a similar way – they “clog” the memory, so the system began to clear the cache, then removed these generated data, thereby creating the illusion of increased space. However, after some time won so hundreds of megabytes (maybe gigabytes) will come back, so in that sense this process a little.

6. Long showing 100% charge bug, which Apple does not fix years.

I think many users of iPhone or iPad I have noticed that after disconnecting the device from the network, 100% charge can keep for 10, 20 minutes, and then all subsequent interest will go much faster. Bug? Seemingly Yes, but in fact this feature is needed for better sales i-gadgets: judge for yourself, you come to the App Store, take your iPhone and start to work with him. Since he is on charge, the battery level will be 100%. Long will you be with him “play”? Usually no, just 10-20 minutes and you will constantly see the charge at 100%, which will create the illusion that the iPhone has lived for a very long time. As they say in the business all means are good, so this “bug” Apple will not fix ever.

7. Firmware update via iTunes is better than by air.

Quite a persistent myth: after updating over the air decreased battery life? Have to sew through iTunes. After the update the device is running slower than normal? Have to sew through iTunes. In fact, if you just upgrade the firmware, the process through iTunes and over the air is the same: trite replaced the necessary files and added new. This myth is due to the fact that iTunes is swinging full firmware version, and the air – only the necessary files, and creates the illusion that when the firmware through iTunes replaces all the files. However, complete replacement of all files is only when flashing from DFU, so if you think that the update got up crooked stitching makes sense it is through this mode.

8. The only program that can flash the iPhone is iTunes. All the other viruses and there is nothing flash can’t.

Indeed, the “fake” iTunes enough, but there are still at least two programs who know how to flash i-gadgets is 3uTools and iMazing. Read more I wrote about them earlier, and if in brief – in terms of flashing, they just copy the iTunes – that is, put all the same the driver Apple Mobile Device Support, and inside I have the iTunes portion of the code responsible for the output, so alas – again, no magic.

9. After installing iOS 12 the battery life has fallen almost twice.

Alas, after the release of a new iOS device it starts to work somewhat less, it has become commonplace, and Apple corrects Avtonom in the course of a year in updates. However, after the release of iOS 12 many began to notice that if earlier the using time could reach 7-8 and even 10 hours, now is the time screen is hardly up to 5-6 hours. All really so bad? Actually no, just changed the way of counting: if, before the use is considered any activity of the device, regardless of on screen or not, iOS 12 Apple has decided to separately consider usage time when the screen is turned on and off. So if you want to get the old time use – just fold time active work when the screen was turned on and off.

10. Fast charging support only iPhone 8, X and later.

The new iPhone is still equipped with charger 5 V and 1 A (5 W), as the first iPhone ten years ago. While Apple claims that iPhone 2017 and later charged significantly faster when using the charger 29 W, however, and older iPhone can charge faster: so, 6, 6s and 7 can “take” up to ~1.5 A, as their Plus-version ~2 A, allowing to charge them much faster.

Unfortunately, the 5s and earlier are deprived of this, and may “borrow” not more than 1 A. However, many have noticed that they, when connected to the charging permitting more current to charge faster – this is due to the fact that often charge at 1 amp can output current of 0.8-0.9 A, but charging, for example, for 2 years, and I can give 1 But what they really will be charged and the old iPhone a little faster.

As you can see, myths about the iPhone and iOS enough.

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