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Experts refute the most popular myths about electronic gadgets

Эксперты опровергли самые популярные мифы об электронных гаджетахIt became known, what information on smartphones and tablets was initially not truthful.

Before buying one or the other device who is always trying to learn more about any model that you can easily find in shops Sony Centre. Order not even need to leave the house and go to and for a few minutes to make a purchase.

Particularly the future consumer may be interested in the life of the gadget, the possible defects and superior quality. Largely buyers of electronics are wrong, because not listening to the experts, and the opinions of pseudo-experts don’t know anything about anything in this category.

Experts refute the most popular myths about electronic gadgets:

1. Photos taken on camera phones will be brighter and clearer if stated more than 10 megapixels. For some reason, everyone thinks that megapixels and their number is directly related to what the quality of pictures will create the camera of a smartphone or tablet. Actually, good is the camera, which is not the quantity but the size of the pixels above.

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2. “Fast” chargers destroy the battery of the gadget. Have tried experts to prove to the public that the speed of flow of current from the charging to the phone depends nothing. Even when the device to charge smartphone delivers powerful current flow, the energy will be distributed evenly and similarly, if the speed was reduced.

3. Body RAM speeds up the gadget. Professionals argue that for smartphone usage in daily life absolutely no sense to choose a device with more than two gigabytes of RAM. There is nothing wrong with that RAM increased to 4 or even 8 gigabytes, but also the urgent need for this, because the speed of electronic gadgets, the amount of RAM is not affected.

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4. The battery in the smartphone should be discharged to full off. This was the logic a dozen years ago, when the vast majority of mobile phones had Nickel-iron batteries. Today, electronics manufacturers are releasing devices with lithium-ion batteries, which do not need to discharge to 0% and on the contrary, it is necessary to put the smartphone on charge, when he signaled that begins to discharge, so can extend the battery life.

5. To hide from intelligence agencies can be, if you just turn the phone off or enable airplane mode is a myth. Experts warn smartphone users that switched off the gadget does not guarantee that law enforcement or employees of other intelligence agencies will not be able to figure out the approximate location of the person searching via mobile phone.

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