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Experts predict the jewels in space

Специалисты прогнозируют добычу драгоценностей в космосеGoldman Sachs experts predict production of precious metals on asteroids.

They believe that people can find in space immeasurable wealth.

Now the technological development allows the earth to mine precious metals on asteroids. A man stands before an open door, but didn’t dare to cross the threshold. The cause is a psychological barrier, – experts say the world’s largest investment Bank Goldman Sachs. People associated with the financial business do not like to throw money away, so we can conclude that mining in space is really profitable.

Goldman Sachs analysts said on the need to raise $ 2.6 billion for the creation of spacecraft and tens of millions for the construction of specific probes that will catch asteroids. Costs are high, but the profit will be much greater. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

We are not talking about billions, and quadrillions of dollars – say representatives of Goldman Sachs.

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