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Experts predict the fate of Ukraine, China

Эксперты предрекают Украине судьбу КитаяEconomic forecasters believe that Ukraine has a good opportunity.

Whether we like it or not, but after the loss of a significant part of our heavy industry (Donetsk and Lugansk regions) and actual rupture of economic relations with CIS countries, the Ukrainian economy came out of a industrial ghetto, which it inherited from the USSR.

Write about it in the article, economists Michael Kuhar Gregory Corn.

Vet their opinion, “the three-time devaluation was the driver that allows you to start restructuring the economy and transforming it into industrial outsourcing in the EU”.

“It’s very simple: Ukraine is a “China” for Europe, not only the first and the second decade of the XXI century It is early in China were all the production, because they have all you can produce at a salary of $ 100. Now in view of what happened in our country the economic crisis in 2014-2015 the average salary to $ 210., and in China — has long been 700!”, — note Michael Kuhar Gregory Corn.

“Now we have a chance to become the “new China” for the EU! Moreover, in contrast to that of China, with a total (at the moment!) border and free trade zone with the EU!”, — economists say.

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