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Experts predict reduction of prices on gasoline

Эксперты прогнозируют снижение цен на бензинIn turn, the rising price of gas will continue.

Fuel prices in Ukraine this month stabiliziruemost, experts believe. Also in March, a full tank of gas cost 50 hryvnia cheaper.

How to change the price of gasoline in may.

Last month the price of diesel fuel went up by an average of 70 cents on gasoline 48-62 penny. Fuel has risen because of rising oil prices. But by the end of may of light oil may be slightly cheaper, said co-chair of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych. But there are negative factors that stimulates the growth of prices.

The cost of petroleum products at filling stations depends on the prices in the European markets and the dollar. The Ukrainian company to pay for imported petroleum products and pay taxes in currency price tags at the pump directly depend on the hryvnia. The expert nefterynka Leonid Kosianchuk explains – the cost of diesel fuel in April went up, as European prices rose, and the hryvnia stood on the site. Only since the beginning of may, petroleum products in Europe began to fall.

“In April the price of gasoline and diesel fuel rose on average by 2-3%. Liquefied petroleum gas is 6-7%. This happened due to price hike of petroleum products on Ukraine’s border. In turn, the rise in prices is due to speculative growth of oil prices to $ 55 per barrel. Not all networks have raised prices justified. Domestic producers do not depend on world prices. But they first raised the price of fuel – this refers to the group “Privat”, – said the Deputy Director of the scientific-technical center “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev.

Today, refueling cars And 95+ with a tank of 48 liters will cost 1280 UAH. In March, a full tank cost 50 hryvnia cheaper. To save you need to use loyalty programs gas station, experts recommend. According to forecasts in may, prices for gasoline and diesel fuel stabiliziruemost, but more expensive liquefied petroleum gas.

Leonid Kosianchuk notes that the operators themselves nefterynka are not interested in rise in price of gasoline: “gas station in the last place they want to raise prices because of sharply falling volumes of consumption. And Vice versa: if the price decreases, consumption increases. Therefore, it is important to keep the client”.

Since early may, oil prices dropped to $ 51 per barrel. According to Gennady Ryabtseva, gas stations due to lower prices and increased discounts for loyal customers. However, the prices of stelae station left the same as before the may holidays.

Liquefied petroleum gas for April rose by 60 cents. The rising price of gas will continue into may because of the new rules on exports to Russia. According to Gennady Ryabtseva, more than half of the fuel Ukraine buys in Russia.

“The situation with LPG is quite alarming. The expected reduction of volumes of its supplies from Russia. This will lead to a shortage of cheap Russian gas, which compensate the supply of more expensive European. This was a greater increase in the cost in the retail market in April. Most likely the price increase will continue in may. Besides, gas demand is growing, because this is a seasonal summer resource and its consumption is increasing significantly. Another subjective factor of the price increase – we have closed many illegal gas filling stations that offered gas lower price range,” explains the analyst.

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