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Experts predict a sharp rise in price of bread

Эксперты прогнозируют резкое подорожание хлебаBread for Ukrainians will rise to the level of European prices.

Ukrainian bread sooner or later we pulled up to the level of European prices.

It is reported by the head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“Bread is one of the main products of our table. It has deep historical roots and is unchanged until now. So the bread is the final product that will catch up to the level of European prices,” – said the expert.

A. Doroshenko reports that the Association of retailers have studied the lowest price on black bread in the supermarkets and hypermarkets in different countries.

“In Ukraine, kilogram of bread will cost UAH 21. Given that the average per kilogram price of social bread is 11.8 UAH, that we found in foreign stores bread was significantly more expensive”, – says the expert.
According to him, the cheapest bread is on sale in Lithuania, you can buy it for 33.7 UAH, that is 60% more expensive than Ukrainian bread. In Belarus, the rye bread will cost UAH 34.4 in Estonia at 35.2 UAH, and in Poland – 41,4 UAH. The price of bread in Hungary is the highest among all countries, to take for comparison, the price is 66.2 UAH”, – says Alexander Doroshenko.

“Understanding that domestic food prices are rising to the European level, we see the next leader of increase – bread. The only question is how soon it will happen”, – concluded the expert.

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